Sunday, August 19, 2007

so i'm riding my bike in valley junction

and some clown in a minivan cut me off.
. . .
just as quickly as she came, she disappeared down a side street.
it looks like she had a dashboard filled with cream pies,
and that i was almost another senseless, innocent victim of
the on-going turf war between rival gangs of clowns
that has been gripping the capitol city this summer.
this driver, an obvious member of
was no doubt on patrol on the well-heeled west side,
as this incident too place on rail road avenue, in historic valley junction,
the scene of some of the ugliest clown confrontations this summer.
i was riding my red fixed-gear track bike, sporting my new coonskin cap.
i must have been mistaken for a member of
the whitey's fiercest rival gang, the augustes,
who are celebrating their holy month as we speak.
i'm flattered to have been confused for an auguste-
-known to be "the least intelligent and most zany" of all clowns-
rather than the sad tramp or happy hobo, whose home turf i was near,
just south of railroad, along the river valley woods.
police said they'd investigate, but you know how that goes.

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