Saturday, August 11, 2007

this just in, from hilton coliseum!!

"we're here live to carry live the results of today's straw poll.
candidates have been shaking hands, working their organizations,
and we're going to bring it to you live.
george w. bush was able to win the straw poll in 1999,
and managed to parlay it into a win in november.
will one of the eight--or ten--candidates manage to--
i'm being told that it will be another 15 minutes
until they are ready to announce the winner,
and i'm sure you would rather watch "the singing bee."
we'll get back to you as soon as we know the winner."
! ! ! ! !

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney
was a gracious host, with a tent and catered barbecue
for supporters bused in from throughout the state.
Romney was joined by his wife, Ann, and their five sons.


Bart said...

Folks in the know that were scared of "W" prior and post election, think about Romney as president.

Romney is way dangerous regarding world politics. Possibly even more so than Bush. I think I'd rather hibernate for 4/8 years if this schmuck were to get elected.

Then again Hilary panders where and whenever it will get her poll results and possible votes..................I'm leaning towards Richardson at this point.

the mostly reverend said...

after surviving reagan and the bushes [i really don't understand why people get so upset about clinton], i have become quite pragmatic about presidential politics:
SOMEONE is going to get elected.
SOMEONE is going to set the tone and agenda for the next 4 to 8 years.
november of the election year is not the time to get idealistic and try to "make your vote say something."
need proof? look at what that asshole nader gave us--and he thinks he might give it ANOTHER go? WTF?? i can't respect that.
personally, i support joe biden, but on election day, i'm voting for whomever the democratice party runs.
i have no basic issues with hillary, obama, or edwards [and i assume the nominee will be one of these three], and would greatly prefer one of these to ANY of the republicans.
ANY of them.
romney is the worst of all politicians: do and say what you've must to get the vote.
have you read about how he justified his FIVE sons' decisions to act like all other republican brat offspring?
"they're helping me get elected."
driving around iowa in a winnebago campaigning, instead of risking their lives.
i mean, i wouldn't go either, but i wouldn't fucking LIE about it, like this sleeze.
i despise him.

DCup said...

So it looks like Romney's money purchased the straw poll #1 slot for him.