Thursday, August 16, 2007

i was wrong-it's not the fault of rove, cheney and bush

jesus is to blame.
my never-ending research has uncovered this rare photo of
the Almighty in what i've recently come to understand was
not an uncharacteristic "fit of road rage" --
this one directed at a hapless biblical-era messenger
[note the shoulder bag]
who, it is alleged, startled His burro as the messenger sped by.
ever quick to indignity, my source tells me,
The One cornered the messenger as he was waiting to be paid,
and the confrontation depicted above took place.
upon close examination, it appears the someone, over the years,
has made a crude effort to obscure the black jack held in
His right hand.
again, karl, dick, dubya, ya got me on this one!
another "no indictment" here.


mark hoback said...

Good God, at least in terms of gall, this rivals the Davinci code.

the mostly reverend said...

i'll keep you posted about movie rights.