Wednesday, August 08, 2007

old american steel

cruising downtown des moines on a monday night
. . . . .
two kids having fun
. . . . .
on lugged, fixed gear treks older than one of them.
who wouldn't suffer a little pedal envy?
. . . . .
speaking of envy, and of treks,
i have some far-flung reporters who love to rub it in.
more to follow...


Roger Jackass Honz said...

Amen Bitch, On your left

From way out west, hope you are doing well. Enjoyed the sermon.

the mostly reverend said...

thanks, brother.
the short bus list reminds me how much i missed the rag this year. however, the new little grandkid is pretty cool.
i'm anticipating bringing little nyla next year for a day's worth of the rag. she is a real, regular cyclist, and her day is not complete without a bike ride.
she just might give dickson a run with his streak eventually.
take care, dude, and thanks for reading.
it would be great to do a group ride with you--and choi, and others, wouldn't it?--again sometime!