Monday, August 13, 2007

what the hell, LET the door hit ya

i HATE this man.


Pete Basso said...

Kim, I'm really starting to get a little worried about you and Julie. You both are becoming consumed with hatred and it is showing on your blogs. Is everything ok at home? Should we set up some counciling for you? Usually a Reverend is filled with love, peace and harmony, but I guess these days when you put "reverend" at the front of your name you become a hate-monger like your cohorts, Jesse and Al. Nice company!!

the mostly reverend said...

kind words in defense of the pupptemaster for dubya. remember the uniter?
who's been more divisive than bush?
whose idea was that? rove.
do some reading about rove before you stack him in the nice guy pile.
his dirty tricks track record makes nixon's henchmen look like window soapers on hallowe'en.
rove is dirt. i hate what he has done to american politics. dubya is a fool, and rove is laughing [along with cheney, rumsfeld, and more].
no apologies on my part--he deserves all the bad things that will--or should--happen to him.
i won't take this bait,
nor will i back down.

Mistress Julie said...

Hey Pete!

I clarified today that I'm not a liberal. I'm now an anarchist and I'm just fine. I just don't believe politicians anyway and the lot we have back there now is more screwed up than ever.

Down with government!!! And cross season starts soon!

Jeff Bratz said...

Pete and Kim-
Boys you are both right. Isn't that odd? Karl Rove is a bad dude, and has done horrible things ala push polling John McCain in South Carolina etc is very mild compared to some of the other things. However; Kim I don't find Karl Rove much more evil than others on the other side of the fence. I submit Terry M.; however TM just isn't as smart as Karl. I have many other examples of dirt bags on both sides.

Both sides of the aisle are filled with dirt bags. What intrigues me is that smart guys like you two are still married to your respective parties. I don't care if you two agree on the merits of taxes or not, but you must agree that we the people are not being represented by either party.

It clearly has become the special interests and politicians that are winning-not the people. Let's just take Iraq for instance:
Nobody in either chamber did their consitutional duty in the run up to Iraq v.2. Sequela to that neither party has done their job. For instance those that voted for the war then funded said war, then said they were against said war yet continued to fund it. That would be like be knowingly paying for my kid's pot that I told him not to buy!

Come on guys, you both seem smarter than the myopia of the politics of the day which has become "tastes great, no less filling".


Pete Basso said...

I guess Julie is the only one that can read here. I never once backed up Rove on this, I simply pointed out that you have a lot of anger these days....and drove my point home by getting ultra defensive. Calm it down a little and channel your anger to the bike.

the mostly reverend said...

i went to another funeral this evening of a cyclist killed by an as-yet unapprehended hit and run driver.
how many dead bikemen is that for the year?
how many charges have been filed?
i blame karl rove for driving wedges of division and hatred into the hearts of americans by the nature of his political scheming.
he has taken benign opinions of content americans and stoked them into blazing infernos the threaten the fabric of america, all in the name of patriotism and such crap, but in reality, to further the personal causes--and pad the pocketbooks--of his friends and cronies.
i'm entitled to be angry, and i am.
very much so.

Jeff Bratz said...

I didn't mis-read- your implication is pretty intuitive.

I am not going to pretend like either of us are dumb.:) You know that you posted from the R angle as Kim posted from the D angle. To pretend that Rove isn't a bad guy that deserves some outside angst from others is either naive, stupid, or partisian hackery-your choice. People have legitimate reasons to be angry with Rove. He has had influence on the leadership of our country-leadership that claimed to be one thing but was far from what they claimed. If you stipulate that the current leadership is representative of the American people and values-wow.

Is there any hatred coming from the right? Both sides have gotten so far from the real issues and fight over their hatred for each other and never really address the issues voila "kim I'm really starting to get a little worried about you and your cohorts Jesse and Al. Nice company!!" You couched your hatred for the left, but does that make you less guilty of hating?


BTW are there any hate mongers that aren't black democrats christians? Can you come up with any white Republicans Christians?

Pete Basso said...

Jeff - are you calling Jesse and Al Christians? These two guys are the farthest thing from Christian. They are opportunitsts looking to profit. Remember, just because one says they believe in Jesus Christ does not make one a Christian.

Pete Basso said...

Kim, I've read your response at least three times and I'm confused... Are you saying that Karl Rove's politics are somewhat at blame for some of these tragedies that are taking place on our IA roads?

the mostly reverend said...

ironic that the same guy who came up with the phrase "compassionate conservative" could come up with all the other shit he's done over the years, isn't it, pete?
he's the divider; the father of most that is evil in the bush administration. what he didn't do, cheney did. dubya is just too stupid to do anything other than sign off on it.
dubya makes reagan look smart.

y'all ought to be really proud of that little piece of work [rove].

and give up with jesse jackson and al sharpton. those two guys have done so much positive for this country, that for you to hang on to this imus shit and other "sensational stuff" that rush barks at only shows your inability to really understand and appreciate the role they've played in the civil rights battles over the years. this is not a flattering reflection on you.
take some time to study post-ww2 american history.
rove is evil, and i hate what he has done to this country.
why don't you chart the growth of road rage with the years rove and cheney have been pulling the strings?

Pete Basso said...

Kim, you are officially more whacked out then ever before. Your two comments in your last post prove that your an angry little man that carries grudges to anyone who doesn't agree with you. First of all, you are completely off your rocker to suggest that Rove/ Cheney / Bush are the reason road rage has escalated over the last few years. Typical liberal "blame it on everyone else" instead of taking responsibility. Dude your over 50 and you need to GROW UP!! Your very general and abstract remarks of this type of parallel are outlandish and can't even be unproven. Have you ever thought that maybe there are more bikers on the road these days then before? Have you ever thought that the population is increasing causing more of both kinds of traffic on the road?

Secondly, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are two of the most pointed race baiters in America. They are the two people in this world that continue to remind the minority of America of the past instead of helping to move into the age of integration, they are preaching segregation. They are hate mongers who carry a double standard and do not serve the good of America. Have they done some good in the country...sure. But they've done more bad then good. They are paid race haters / baiters.
As for Imus, his remarks were not acceptable, however, Jesse Jackson has made equally terrible remarks such as the ones made about the innocent Duke players. Why don't you come out against him? But you chose not to see that through your ROSE colored glasses can only see what you want them to see, especially when it leans negatively to the conservative right.

Just so your glasses aren't seeing my words another way, I'm not defending all. I'm mearly pointing out that you see things one way then manipulate them in your twisted little mind to show that the conservative right in this country are responsible for the woes of your life. I was hoping that little raccoon would help to knock some since into that head of yours, unfortunately I think that fall helped to loosen some more screws!!
See you tomorrow night, I'll be wearing blue!!

the mostly reverend said...

Have you ever thought that maybe there are more bikers on the road these days then before? Have you ever thought that the population is increasing causing more of both kinds of traffic on the road?

duh, yes? but why does it follow in YOUR mind that more bikes on roads and more traffic on roads must result in a greater level of hostility and less tolerance among drivers? it is the failure of leadership by this president, and his failure to be the uniter that he promised he would be.
he's the one who make the promise, he's the one who failed to deliver, therefore, he's the one responsible.
perfectly logical.
i can't WAIT to read your response about your favorite whipping boys...

i see that you did not review your american history notes. oh, wait, they don't cover THAT in american history, do they? no wonder you have such large gaps in your knowledge of history and context.

karl, dick, dubya and the rest are just plain evil.
history will underscore that.

Pete Basso said...

Kim, your definition of "perfectly logical" is PERFECTLY CRAZY in our world. You need to re-read your post again and consider deleting it in an attempt to keep some form of dignity down the road. I thought I'd heard it all but when you start saying that Bush, Cheney and Rove are the reason bikers are being hit on our IA roads you've struck a new level of idiocracy. The reason people are getting hit on the roads is not do to frustration and anger it is because people are preoccupied with i-pods, cell phones, stereo's, food, drinks and the lack of ettiquette and consideration for others. Since most people who are driving the roads are over 16 years old, deductive logic says that a combination of the Clinton / Bush Sr. / Reagan / Carter are to blame. But there's that word again, (logic), of which you have lost the ability to comprehend.

the mostly reverend said...

nope. won't do it.

Anonymous said...

Pete -

It's painful reading your poorly thought out arguments riddled with intolerance, judgement and misspellings. Go read a book and save us all.

Pete Basso said...

Anonymous - its more painful reading what a coward writes behind the curtin of obscurity. If you want someone to take your thoughts seriously, be a man and own up to your words...otherwise, your comments are worthless. Now that was well thought out don't ya think? Any misspellings that you can find, feel free to change for me. I went to public school for the record.

the mostly reverend said...

now, now. don't be afraid to answer.
my forum allows anonymity to foster discourse.
you know the rules.
if you don't want to play, well...

Anonymous said...

Pete -

I'll choose to remain anonymous. I'm pretty sure you took me seriously. You did respond afterall. Hopefully, you thought about my comment.

Besides, we've never met. I have however formulated an interesting opinion about you after reading your many reactive comments.

As for the misspellings and poor grammer, I actually can't change them because it's not my blog.

Ok, I'll leave you alone now.

Anonymous said...

"grammer"?????? you own a dictionary?!?!?! or proof-read?? Are you Mr. Pot or Mrs. Kettle?

-anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2 - touche.

My lesson of the day, humility.

Good times.

the mostly reverend said...

comment notes and suggestions:
1--if you are uncertain about spellings, and as most blogs don't have spell check, type the troublesome word in an email, do the spell check, and then type it in the comment, after you close the email.
2--take advantage of the blue "preview" button, located next to the orange "publish your comment" button. proofread your comment. does it say what you want it to say? does it LOOK right? do you sound sufficiently smart/witty/stupid/sarcastic?
if not, EDIT your comment.

final note: i'm really unlikely to delete any comments other than my own. it's my place. you screw up, eat it!
but thanks for posting, seriously.
i do this to create discourse, not controversy. it is my hope that the things that are said here will provoke thought, discussion, and learning.
the laughter and head-shaking prompted by some of the comments are gravy.
but, again, thanks for reading and posting!!
i love that anonymous is so irksome to some folks.

Lou Waugaman said...

irksome. hoohoo hehe

Also try nettlesome and vexatious.

What I find irksome, nettlesome and vexatious is paying $59 for a $13 bottle of pinot noir so that the money grubbing G-men can pocket the spread to fund stupid, stupid wasteful social programs.

SOOooo irksome.