Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fitness today

what's wrong with this country, part 2


Neve_r_est said...

You would hope both of those would be down escalators. Or maybe it would be better if they were both up escalators, that way you could only leave when you're fit enough to out run them.


fatty mcgee said...


the mostly reverend said...

i've had my investigative staff send an enquiry to 24hr fitness about this store.
we shall keep you apprised of any response.

but, fatty, if it isn't true, they CAN'T put it on the internets.
that's the rule!

Anonymous said...

what's not fake is people driving 3,4,-10 blocks to the gym to exercise vs. riding a bike/ walking/running to exercise.

the mostly reverend said...

i loved the local heart-warming story about the fat chick who had this constriction device installed on her stomach--at a cost of $20,000, all or part covered by insurance--which allows her to partially close her stomach. in addition, she "has to" eat less and exercise more--"doctor's orders!"
um, i'll charge you just $10,000, tape a bandaid on your stomach [i saw some very nice ones that look like duct tape at ace hardware yesterday] and tell you to skip a meal and get off your fat ass.
1--i've been telling people to do that for years, with success; and
2--i AM a doctor, after all.

no risk of death from infection, either.

scott said...


Maybe I should watch the local news at your house. When I said the same thing last night, my wife told me I was being mean.

Do you think the story had anything to do with Mollie Cooney's Republicanism? What must Kevin think?

However, you're exactly right! Here's some more evidence.