Monday, September 03, 2007

the mule visits the orphans!

it was a pretty exciting august for a few lucky orphans, let me tell you.
. . . . .
first, little scotty yoho got to travel to the minnesota state fair
to see robert randolph and the family band smoke through their
jimi hendrix experience tune-up set before making way for
the allman brothers band,
the official band of the orphanage.
scotty was able to meet several of the brothers,
including oteil, marc, jaimoe, derek, and warren,
and was able to meet a few of the legendary abb road crew,
past and present.
. . . . .
then, a few days later, little jeffy cozad and fry guy hopped on
the orphanage tour bus and headed to harrah's casino in
beautiful council bluffs, where they would be spending
"an evening with the allman brothers band."
set in the casino's little amphitheater,
we found ourselves onstage,
about six feet from where gregg allman was positioned-
-with a clean, unfettered, and up-close view of the entire band
for the entire 2+ hour set.
the amphitheater is really a pretty cool little set-up,
with not a bad seat in the place.
from what i could tell from my roaming around during the show,
there's not much difference from the reserved seats and the general admission, other than the $10 price.
if you go cheap, take a chair, or a boogie blanket.
the band, which spent a day off thursday at the casino,
was well-rested, and continued their relaxing ways on friday.
marc and derek, for example, played a round of golf at the on-site course.
surprised at his interest in the "sport" derek told me that he gets out maybe six times a year, and hit his average of "around 90" this time, too. he and marc were joking during the set about sore shoulders
during the first part of the show.
jeff and fry guy were able to meet derek, warren, and oteil, as i recall,
along with a whole bunch of after show fans. that's always a trip.
kfmg/kggo personality andre was there, at 1000 pm,
with his sunglasses on, soliciting signatures on a drumhead.
i signed a fan's t-shirt.
somewhere out there is an "eat a peach for peace" shirt
with every band member's john hancock PLUS mine.
now, THAT'S collectable.
. . . . .
the whole point of this is this:
gov't mule is coming to hoyt sherman auditorium
friday, november 2, as a part of their "mighty high tour,"
in support of the band's latest album,
"mighty high,"
a 70-minute EP featuring all reggae tunes.
i think grace potter's band will be with them here in des moines, too.
wanna go? let me know.
[last time the mule was here, we all went to dinner before the show.]

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