Sunday, September 23, 2007

more photos from far-flung orphans

garrett davis pulls this shit all the time.
he got in to cycling when he was still in high school.
he had a road bike, and ralph, chad, lippold and i used to take him out
and beat the shit out of him . . .
drag him like a new pair of levi's, just to break him in.
the kid got good, and then left for college.
so then, fat and out of shape, he comes back.
we take him out, and beat the living shit out of him again.
son of a bitch moves again.
but this time, to colorado.
hooks up with ralph, kelly, randy, bob, all those folks.
but instead of getting lazy and laid,
he gets fast. upgrades to a cat 2,
and then managed to go to the dominican republic earlier this month.
photos from his trip can be seen here.
you should see these. read his comments.
they give you a real feel for what racing in central america is like.
please notice that there is not a single photo of garrett with his teammates,
including our good friend, dewey dickie.
word is dewey didn't say a fucking thing to him.
i think that's a good sign.
thanks, garrett.
come back and tell us a story.
[i've been told the link didn't work. i tried to fix it. hopefully...]
try the hot link above, or this one, which might be the suspect link...


nikki said...

Kim, the link to Garrett's pictures isn't working. :(

Garrett said...

Dickey probably didn't say much because we weren't on the same team. Due to the demise of my original team in the week leading up to the race, we went our separate ways joining teams as guest riders.

I'll tell you the full story when I make it back for a visit. Glad you liked the pics.