Thursday, September 20, 2007


there's so many goddamned fuckwads out there,
you can't swing a cat in a gunnysack without knocking a few over.
wanna know what one writer thinks of our fuckwad-in-chief?
read this. it's great, it says exactly what i think,
and all i have to do is include a link to it.


Anonymous said...

Stop getting your news from the web! It the most manipulated source of info you can read!
Luv- the mayor

the mostly reverend said...

i read somewhere that the number one rule of the internets [borrowed from the print media, because they weren't using it anymore] is that "they won't print it if it isn't true."
now, who are we to argue with THAT?

thanks for reading, and thank you for your comments, your honorable.

Pete Basso said...

Kim - what a joke you are becoming printing this kind of crap. You and your kind are the reason our country is going to hell as it is. Quit pointing fingers and blaming everyone else, we are at war and death happens. This war is nowhere near as deadly as WWI or WWII. Our soldiers are dying in the name of Allah, necks are being slit, women and children are being used as time bombs to kill innocent bystanders and soldiers and you have to balls to point the finger at the USA and say we suck. Well I say quit your bitchin you manpussy and get your gun and towel and go fight for the Muslims. I'm so tired of all you liberal cowards and your complaining. You own the congress yet nothing has changed, you have speeches about what a bad President Bush is when his time is almost over, you taser students for asking questions, but there's one thing you never do...and that's fight!! Fight for making the coutry a better place with morals and ethics, instead you present stupid things like trying to sue God and the "fairness doctrine". Give me a break! I know, i know, we need to be fair to others, we need to love one another, we need to spread peace...well I've got news for you, in our own country yes, but these radical Muslims don't want peace. They don't want whacked out sea hags like Pelosi or weaklings like Sean Penn over there to talk about peace, they want to kill them. Wake up and take a look around you, our grandfathers and fathers fought so you could have freedoms to why don't you try respecting that instead of bitching about our country and how bad it is. You don't like it, try moving to another country.

I know you print this crap to start dialogue and thats fine, I respect that, but when you show dead bodies from some unaccredited website and say it's out fault without presenting the other side then I draw the line. Your Jane Fonda style thinking and your Rosie O'Donnel tactics are just about as unpatriotic as it gets. You write like your tough but truth be known you are a softy who will eventually get swallowed up by everyone else cause you stand for EVERYTHING but nothing in specific!!

Signed - Pete Basso

mark hoback said...

thanks from the Aristocrats, Rev.

Anonymous said...

Listening to NPR Science Friday as I was when I stumbled upon your latest post I was inspired to put your postulation to a test worthy of Curie so I did find a gunnysack and place a kitty inside it whenceupon I didst, In a closed space so the nefarious influence of the winds might be held at bay for my learned science experiment swing said sackagunny round with the aforementioned kitty inside and what pray tell did happen you ask?

I knocked my(fuckwad)self over.

Once again the Rev is prooved most correct.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with dissent and criticism in the face of an unjust government. We are a free country right?

Both sides are crooked; it's our job to keep them in line - Democrat and Republican.

Keep in mind; there are many actions and events in our country relating to our laws and policy that parallel times in history when countries plummeted into fascism and dictatorship. The Patriot act, Wiretapping, illegal prisons where torture tactics are used, propaganda … hello! Maybe we should wake up. History repeats itself when it isn’t respected.

This war might not be as deadly as WWII, but we have more soldiers returning without limbs from Iraq than any war since WWII. Now you decide if those loses are in vain. Either way, it’s very sad we are involved in a quagmire that isn’t making us safer or gaining us additional freedom.

Don’t buy the fear …

Anonymous said...

I'd bet you can't prove that statistic about the limbs anonymous

Bart said...

The press lacks the backbone and the investigative desire to hold those with the information accountable.

How about no more lobbyist, flat tax rates for folks and business (say 10% & 17% respectively), equally public funded campaigns with two month time limit windows running up to the election. Hence politicians are doing the job we elected and expect them to do. I’m sure ya’all can add on here.

Anonymous said...

I'm still searching for the original article with the comparison — I read it in print. In the meantime here is some digital food for thought:,8599,1580531,00.html?cnn=yes

I'm not trying to get into a statistical war, I'm trying to show the cost to our family members and country. If I believed we were gaining freedom or stability from this war I wouldn't bring these stats.

I appreciate your efforts to discredit my argument. People like you (Mr. Fact-check anonymous) amaze me. Our President is running a shit show and people like you continue to discredit anyone who calls out the truth or any negative aspect of our military efforts.

You must be a republican.

bryan said...

So, Pete -- how many tours of duty have you completed?

And the war in Iraq IS 'our' fault. W responded to some pretty weak sabre-rattling by starting an occupation that has no end in sight.

And speaking of hate -- reread your post.

Dear Pot,
This is Kettle. You're black.

Jeff Bratz said...

From those of us that have served I will tell you that both sides suck and only act to serve their agenda. Rarely if ever is the people's business done-so yes bush is fws as kim postulates...but the other side doesn't serve up much(if any)better schmucks.


bryan said...

Jeff's exactly right.

Anonymous said...

Bart, That sounds too much like common sense government. We can't have that. How will our bourgeois politicos line their pockets???


Pete Basso said...

Bryan - I give up you've exposed me!!

Iraq is our fault? What news source on the internet are you reading? Of course you put no blame on Suddaam for neglecting 17 UN warnings, of course it's our fault for not waiting for the horribly corrupt UN to step in to help, why not, since they were paying Saddaam for oil. The intelligence supported the invasion at the time, had it shown otherwise I'm sure we would not have gone in to Iraq. Of course you neglect to mention any of that.

However, I am proud of you for mentioning "our" fault and not saying it was Bush's fault. Finally a liberal who is willing to admit some guilt in this situation.

Look, I'm not saying Iraq is the smartest move we've ever made, but what I am saying is that we are there and we can't reverse what has been done. So quit your whining and lend support to our troops. This "brow-beating" mentality that Kim is so good at perpetuating does nothing but divide the country. Come up with a viable solution to accompany your bitching and we can talk, that is much more respectable. The Dems promised results if they had power, well, so far NOTHING except constant bitching. Truth be known, I hope the Dems take office in 08. If they can make a difference in this world for the better then I'm behind it 100%. So far, NOTHING the evidence is proving that they will be ineffective.

BTW, (speaking of hate?) Where did that come from? I wasn't speaking of hate in post, I went back and re-read it. What I said was not hateful, it was critiscm. Funny how when you criticize someone its for the better but when I criticize its hateful. Typical Liberal!!

How many tours have I done? Zero, why do you ask?

Bryan - my suggestion to you is when you respond to this post try not use the typical lib-talking points and create something a little more original. I've read your blog, you're an intelligent dude who is capable of stronger arguments. I know you have it in you.

bryan said...


Yes, Iraq is 'our' fault. 100%. Our. Fault. And by 'our' I mean the US, which unfortunately is led by W. Was there an occupying US force there before W sent them? Nope. Would they be stuck there if W hadn't sent them? Nope. I'm wondering where it's written -- other than in W's Hello Kitty diary (or maybe Garfield?) -- that says the United States has to clean everybody else's problems up. Yes, from the humanitarian point of view, that's harsh. There were people suffering under Hussein's rule, no doubt. But by 'liberating' them, has the Iraqi citizen's life improved? Daily car-bombings say no.

(If W really wanted to 'liberate' someone, he'd head to Africa next. But he won't. They're not a 'threat to our freedom,' so 'liberation' isn't in the cards for them. Too bad, Darfur.)

But liberation of the oppressed wasn't even W's reason for going in. -- And this is one of the things that makes me most mad about the whole thing. Go with faulty intelligence or whatever you want as the excuse, but it didn't and hasn't ever made sense. -- He said Iraq was a threat to America. Umm ... how? When was this threat communicated? How was Iraq connected to Al-Qaida again? Nevermind Hussein didn't want anything to do with Al-Qaida. You mentioned that you didn't think W would have sent troops in if the intelligence at the time hadn't supported it. Based on his decision-making abilities over his mind-baffling two terms, I think he would have. He refuses to admit he's wrong. About anything. His gall is amazing. His administration has an air of arrogance. Dick Cheney claimed he didn't have to hand over papers in the Plame case (or was it the federal judges issue?) because he was actually a part of the legislative branch as president of the Senate. Uh, no. Nice try, though.

And I rambled off. Sorry 'bout that. Cheney will do that do a guy.

On the hate: this is what you said to Kim: "Well I say quit your bitchin you manpussy and get your gun and towel and go fight for the Muslims. I'm so tired of all you liberal cowards and your complaining."

That's not 'just criticism,' no matter who said it. And I do apologize for the personal attack. That's not my style, and obviously not the best way to communicate ideas and discussion.

And to be fair, before too many names get thrown around, I'm a registered independent. Always have been. I vote for whoever has the best plan. So let's be careful when throwing things like 'typical liberal' around.

I think I'm done now.

Anonymous said...

See what you started K dub!
the Mayor

the mostly reverend said...

i didn't suggest we bomb the fuck out of iraq to keep our oil pipelines free, but i'm flattered that pete thinks i am.

pete, i asked you several months ago when you--as a nice, young, healthy, strapping gung-ho warrior--would sign up and go kill the nasty throat-slitters you so abhor and fear. if it's that important to you, why don't you make the sacrifices you expect everyone else to make? and i don't mean just cut back on oil consumption, but actually go be a war hero.

i'm far too old to go, even if i was inclined, which i'm not.
but how about your daughter? bush has indicated that he envisions our country maintaining a military presence in iraq for years to come; are you going to instill in HER the same attitude about war that you suggest everyone else who opposes this war should adopt?
we won't go, but if you really support this effort, will you support it to the extent that you urge your child sign up? of course, you republicans don't really have any political role models, do you? how many of your candidates have served in iraq? or their kids? or members of congress?

but they're ALL about somebody else's kid going off to war, aren't they? [as i recall, THAT is the example dubya followed and set, just like cheney, rumsfeld, and all the rest of your republican warrior elite.]

you could set the perfect example by showing us that you aren't a "man-pussy" [nice phrase; who taught you that, rush?], and wear some REAL camouflage, and tote a gun and not a camel bak.

pete, i've asked you point-blank this question more than once. will you "man-up" and answer it here? you are so quick to paint "you liberals" with such a broad brush that you always ignore the real meat and potatoes of the questions i pose. hundreds of readers here are curious if you'll dodge the big question again, just like your man, bush.

i have held these anti-war views since i was, hmm, maybe 13, 14, and have spent my entire life working for peace, against war, and to further those values that you and i agree are "liberal" values. i have worked for forty years to instill these same values in my friends, my family, voters and non-voters alike. in my professional life, i have lived to promote these values and beliefs, to fight to see that justice is available to all folks, regardless of whether they are rich, poor, black, white, brown, or whatever. i have succeeded in raising a child who feels the same way i do, and she has the same liberal passions that i do, and we are passing them along to her children.

by the way, i was away from this post for a couple days; i had no idea this was happening here. thanks for creating and sustaining this wonderful conversation.
i guess no one is riding bikes these days.

Pete Basso said...

Kim, let the readers know that while I'm a strapping man who possess enough strength to rip up an mtb course or a road crit, I am a 37 year old married man with a daughter. I'd fight for our country in a second if the call for a 37 yr old father was the best warrior they could find here in America. Currently there are better, VOLUNTEERS that are more physically and mentally equipped to fight. That cracks me up that you'd challenge me to inlist, what are we in 6th grade again? Do you double-dog-dare me?

As for my daughter, the values I'll be instilling in her are those of Jesus Christ with the help of the Bible. That is the only true book of values YOU should be teaching your daughter and grand-daughter. I've found that the Bible possess the perfect knowledge of how to walk through life with perfect values. Although, I do fall short of these values often, I'm still trying constantly.

the mostly reverend said...

pete, your words, above:
"Well I say quit your bitchin you manpussy and get your gun and towel and go fight for the Muslims. I'm so tired of all you liberal cowards and your complaining. You own the congress yet nothing has changed, you have speeches about what a bad President Bush is when his time is almost over, you taser students for asking questions, but there's one thing you never do...and that's fight!! Fight for making the coutry a better place with morals and ethics, instead you present stupid things like trying to sue God and the "fairness doctrine".

grade school? YOU brought it up. i did the work for you, and great news, you can still do your share.

The individual services have set the following maximum ages for non-prior service enlistment:

Active Army - 42
Army Reserves - 42
Active Air Force - 27
Air Force Reserve - 34
Active Navy - 34
Naval Reserves - 39
Active Marines - 28
Marine Corps Reserve - 29
Active and Reserve Coast Guard - 27


to enlist:
u.s. army
2900 100th street
suite 105
urbandale, iowa 50322

we'll send you cookies and volleyballs.

the mostly reverend said...

i LOVE how, when i post this stuff,
and call him out, it ends.
the silence is deafening,
and music to my ears...

Pete Basso said...

Funny how when you post this stuff I have to go on the road and work from 6am till midnight and don't have time for your childish challenges. Also, there are times when I have to take a break from reading your blog, the worthless banter of liberal jibberish and anti-Christian talk is too depressing. Having time to interact with more NORMAL adults helps me regroup!

the mostly reverend said...

so, pete, once again, you're going to dodge the one big question that you lobbed at me, in an exchange that YOU started; you're going to walk away from it, calling it childish? okay. other people see your words for what they are.

i look forward to the next time you start this discussion and then walk away when your feet get held to the fire.