Saturday, September 15, 2007

one of these scenes . . .

. . . will never be found in america, while
. . . one will never be found in europe.
do you know which is which?
can anyone explain why the hell not?


S.Fuller said...

Poor community design, lazyness, and way too much land to expand into. If we crammed all of america into an area the size of new england I bet we would see less of the first picture and more of the second.

the inebriationist said...

Cause the commie Europeans hate Freedom?

the mostly reverend said...

now, inebie, you know we've had this chat about you poking sharp objects at hornets nests and sleeping snakes.
and anyway, they don't hate freedom, they just haven't been given the chance to embrace western-style democracy [ie, been invaded] by us...yet.

the inebriationist said...

I swear it wasn't me. The rhetoric has finally seeped in and poisoned my mind. And I don't even watch Fox News.

By the way, my lady is curious about your chosen field. She is in her first year of law and spent some time working for legal aid in Nevada. Do you have an email?

the mostly reverend said...

i prefer the back 40.
where's my mule?
where's my 40 acres?

or did you mean being a full-time social commentator, and part-time grouch?

the mostly reverend said...

that'll get you to the orphanage.
i'd be happy to talk with her.

Anonymous said...

The American way of life is not negotiable

-Dick (capital D) Cheney

I don't want people telling me I gotta change the way I wanna live and when the American people go to the gas station and put the nozzle in there they expect the gas to come out

-Chuck (capital dick) Grassley

Maybe the answer is in one of these two statements? Maybe it is in both?


the mostly reverend said...

they don't sell wellies in america, and it's not possible to find a cello case to match camouflage, whether "urban" or "wilderness."