Sunday, September 30, 2007

g pickle

when he's not busy doing the good work on behalf of the mostly reverend's fan club, g. pickle can be found riding bike on or near gravel. he seems to be the one iowa cyclist under the age of 60 who is seriously attempting to do mr. mable's gravel hundred challenge. he did his sixth this weekend, on his single speed townie. in his review, he mentions that he did this one with a saddle. to learn the significance of this, you SHOULD read this.
it's good stuff.
too bad it was such a short ride;
60 miles more, and it would have been epic.
it's okay; we've discussed his shortcomings.


Anonymous said...

bastard! i thought all the photos had been destroyed.


the mostly reverend said...

nyah ah ah!
[twirling my mustache in a most dastardly manner]