Saturday, September 01, 2007

from the fashion [& airport] police blotter

would somebody PLEASE help this man?!?!
[bring a razor, a small ruler, and a level]
. . . . .
and somebody PLEASE give this man some training wheels...
or sign him to a developmental bike polo team!
. . . . .
and finally, this, with resignation.
. . . . .
what's gonna happen when congress comes back,
and things really get busy?


Pete Basso said...

What's gonna happen when congress gets back? Probably the same thing that has been happening since November when the Dem's took it over...N O T H I N G!! All talk and no action?????

P.S - Larry Craig is a loser. First he gets caught in the act, then he gets caught pleading guilty...duh?? Hasn't he learned from the Dems that you never admit your faults, you just play the racism card or blame it on Bush

the mostly reverend said...

is no one going to take a wide stance, and address the republican party's hypocrisy surrounding their rather distasteful embrace of "family values?"

pete, any thoughts?

how many closeted gay republican legislators who are publicly "not soft on gays" remain in your congress?

how many republican congressmen are on the phone lists of various massage services?

how many republican presidential candidates have been married only once, still speak with all their children, AND have a net worth of LESS than $250,000,000.00?

Pete Basso said...

Plenty of thoughts Kim. Define hypocrisy, ok, I'll do it. Hypocrisy is a guy who constantly calls out others for their actions when his actions or those of the party which he is loyal too are EXACTLY the same. I've come to expect such hypocrisy from a guy who talks a great game about peace, love and happiness but only spews hatred and ambiguity. Read the last month of your blog and you'll see what I'm talking about. Both parties have their skeletons in the closet, remember Bubba making a brothel out of the white house with his special cigar tricks, oh yea, also, do you remember that Clinton had 93 US attorneys fired in 94 for no reason but everyone in the Dummycrap party has forgotten about that. Gonzales fires 6 or 8 of them and all hell breaks loose.

By the way, what's wrong with a guy who is worth 250,000,000? Are you upset that he is not sharing with you, afterall, aren't you entitled to it just because?

There are plenty of Republicans on the massage list, plenty of them don't talk to their children and plenty of them are rich...but doesn't that also describe the Democrat party? Too bad Larry Craig is such an idiot, he should've taken a lesson from the Dem playbook; never get caught and if you do, scream rascism or blame it on Bush.