Saturday, September 15, 2007

how to improve your negotiating position

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from velosnooze:
For Americans racing in Europe,
it's very important to have these good moments,"
a joyous McCartney said of his win.
"I haven't seen my family for two months
and it's hard to be so long away from home."
The win comes just as McCartney's career faces a turning point,
so the timing couldn't have been better as far as he was concerned.
"I'm still looking for a new team in 2008." McCartney said,
"so I hope this win will help. I don't want to stop riding a bike.
Cycling is my big passion. I even use it to ride to the grocery store."
[who the hell told HIM about stealth miles? damn!]

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Anonymous said...

oh man!!! what a WIN!!! JMAC is da' business! And to think we got to ride with him on group rides for a portion of the summer.