Sunday, September 23, 2007

it's like magic!

.. .. .. .. ..
just as every great magician, or man of mystery and intrigue,
has a lovely and talented assistant, so, too, does our man chris maharry.
or so it might seem.
.. .. .. .. ..
at today's "squirl's nest time trial,"
nearly 100 of the state's best off-road bike racers
braved the elements to race under ideal conditions on a brand new course.
laid out by brian "squirl" pottoff,
the state of iowa's premier course layer outer,
this challenging route wound up and down the beautiful trails
in and around the des moines art center and the old science center,
in the heart of capitol city's
best and most challenging off-road trail network.
you say you couldn't make it because of some lame-ass excuse or another?
hung over? couldn't find your helmet? shoes didn't fit?
your car won't let you drive west of tiffin?
lame, lame lame.
.. .. .. .. ..
[by the way, we'd like to thank all the women who showed up
to show us their chops on the dirt. really, we'd love to.
maybe we'll have to call this "time trial like a girl" next year.]
.. .. .. .. ..
but worry not. the orphanage has you covered.
our intrepid staff photographer, little stevie wonder,
fresh from his internship with chris maharry,
off-road race promoter par excellence,
was on the scene.
he's not only a racer,
he's a race photographer, too.
there are over 50 from today's race.
but explore the place.
he has some serious bike porn from the tour of missouri,
the hyvee triathlon, the salsberry auto show,
and some other very cool stuff.
give yourself some time;
there are hundreds of very good photos there.
he's not just another pretty face with a camera;
he's got a great eye, and a long lens.
thanks, stevie!
another orphan does good.

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