Thursday, September 13, 2007

a quiet milestone

it almost managed to slip by completely unnoticed, not surprisingly,
but this week marks the first anniversary of today's sermonette.
september 10, 2006, featured the above photo of my hero, mr. natural.
since then, well, this is post #503...
i have had over 60,000 visitors, from all over the damned world!
i don't understand any of it.
but i HAVE enjoyed the dialogue that has developed from time to time.
i have also had some unbelievably sad news to report.
it's been cathartic, therapeutic, and enlightening.
and it's been fun.
i want to thank all of you who read this,
with special thanks to those who read this, and still come back for more.
to those who take the time to post comments, anonymous or not,
thanks so much for contributing to what i really hope has been
the spreading of even a little bit of understanding.
please tell your friends.
thanks--the mostly reverend

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