Wednesday, September 05, 2007

sometimes the truth makes me need to...

. . . vomit.
[thanks, mark h.]


scott said...

Here's what I appreciate about Olbermann. His reasoned rage.

So many (including myself) have attacked the president's foolhardy effort in the Middle East with sarcasm, hyperbole and extended yet ineffective witticisms.

Mr Keith speaks from a dark and angry place that seems totally appropriate to his conclusions regarding this administration and where they are leading us. He makes me embarrassed that my own rage has not led me to actions of more impact.

Godspeed, Mr Keith!

Mistress Julie said...

Hell, I can't get anyone to tell me the truth.

I think I need a drink.

the mostly reverend said...

ask me a question, mistress.

Mistress Julie said...

Why am I such a sucker?

the mostly reverend said...

um, is this a trap?

you are inherently trusting;
you seek the good in people.
unfortunately, your ability to distinguish "honest" from "glossed evil" is affected by your desire to believe that everyone is being completely honest with you.
the odds of someone taking you for a ride increase as you find yourself dealing with more and more assholes.

the solution? either stop trusting and/or believing everyone,
or stop hanging out with anyone who might even remotely be an ass.

you deserve a run of luck, girl.

that'll be 25 cents, please.

Pete Basso said...

Olberman on (P)MS-NBC...WOW, I had to cut this pathetic rant short after about 1/2 of the 7 mins. I couldn't listen to his garbage anymore. He's more negative and pissed off than Kim. Wasn't this guy a comedian on ESPN once? Smile for the camera you liberal Dummycrap!!

the mostly reverend said...
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the mostly reverend said...

i wish you'd make the effort to watch the entire clip, and then leave a comment about its content.

i'd love to hear what you have to say about the topic, not the speaker.