Saturday, January 27, 2007

at ease, mr. president

as one of the growing legions of americans--perhaps, even, citizens of the world--who cringe at the thought of george w. bush as "leader of the free world"--i long have suffered at the visuals and sound bites of "w" playing "commander in chief"--the bitter, angering irony of an a.w.o.l.-going national guardsman ACTUALLY being president, for god's sake.
[mind you, i have no problem in theory with a guardsman, or any military person, going awol. but for one to years later completely reverse and re-write the facts, and with such lethal consequences, well...]
garry wills is a history professor at northwestern, and has authored many fine editorials and articles of the years. this editorial in today's new york times is one of his finest in years.
if you love and revere the u.s. constitution, i suggest you read this, and think about how the office of the president has declined in stature over the years. i was young at the time, but i do remember the eisenhower era as one in which there was a proper respect and restraint in dealings military.


scott r said...

In my former life, as a 'professional' bookseller in Evanston, IL, I was privileged to quite often provide Mr. Wills with his daily NY Times [and occasionally a scone]. Very rarely did we get beyond mundane chit-chat, but he always seemed to be the very walking embodiment of his writings---calm, deliberate, and thoughtful. A seemlingly good, and possibly great, man.

Give 'em hell Gary!!

the mostly reverend said...

nice...a great comment.
thanks, liberal rat!