Wednesday, January 03, 2007

in addition to minister and orphanage director, i am a bit of an amateur entymologist. in my quest for the better cyclist, i have found that spiders have been more than quite suitable subjects for preliminary exploration of my many theories. i am happy to release here, for the first time, visual proof beyond reproach of confirmation of one such theory. more details will be available when my study is complete, including how you, too, can benefit.


scott r said...

Maybe narcotics can explain E.B. White's imagining of a certain spider named Charlotte.

Tip for parents --> Keep your children away from the current hollywood studio remake of this classic E.B. White tale---sentimental, mindless drivel. If you'd like to open your child's eyes to the ways of the world via a strong farmyard tale, I'll suggest this.

the mostly reverend said...

i read this in high school. for obvious, spider-like reasons, i can't recall whether it was for a class [which doesn't make sense, given my school] or just on my own. i seemed to read quite a bit then. and, having recovered from law school, i'm reading quite a bit now, too. might be time to put that book in the queue to read again. grandkid would like it.