Wednesday, January 03, 2007

re-joining all9yards racing team

many folks have asked me, "mostly reverend, how's come you went BACK to racing team? we KNOW you "rode" for them 2 years ago, but last year you raced for team jj. and we thought your policy about relationships with women would apply to racing teams, too. WHAT GIVES, mostly reverend?"

well, now it can be told. that lane anderson is a pretty sneaky fella, you know. and when he wants something--really WANTS something--then he'll go to any and all lengths to get it. and i guess i was one of those things. i may be cheap, but i ain't easy, as this exclusive video shows.
this secretly filmed movie contains actual footage of the process that lane and crew went through to lure me back into the fold. well, we all know that jj is cute and shit, but when you see what LANE did, then you'll know why i'll be sporting the color of money for the next few years. i hope you learn something by watching this; don't feel pity for me. i'm just a simple human being. a man, flesh and blood. but i yield to temptation like the next man of the cloth.
just watch, and you'll see...

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Anonymous said...

I see Lou W is on the team too. I wonder, was he the real lure?