Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Four Hammond B3's playing The Cat

this is just amazing. man, if i had to choose something i could suck at other than cycling, it would be playing the organ [trying to be like these guys]. i just wish that the clip went on a little longer, to hear paul talking about him and dan akroyd. these four cats are really hot, man. i hope someone enjoys this, besides me.


Charlie said...

Rippin'! Paul should have been smart and gone first. Good to know you're still alive and kickin' Mr. W. Keep the rubber side down and try to stay between the ditches.

the mostly reverend said...

"sticky buffalo" looks like a great place to waste a LOT of time. i was delighted to be the first to view your profile, modest man. see ya soon!
here's the link, folks. check this place out.