Friday, January 19, 2007

over the years, i've rambled and raved about the allman brothers band.
last year, i spent the month of march in nyc working the back door
at the beacon theatre for the band's legendary annual run of shows.
my brother, kirk, has been the band's tour mystic, chinese herbalist,
and keeper of the archives for decades.
among other things, he has spear-headed a drive
to turn over his home and historic contents in
macon, to the state of georgia, where it will be a permanent museum.
as a part of this multi-million dollar effort, he has produced a documentary
about his home, "the big house" which was the place where the magic began.
this trailer is the first official glimspe of the movie,
entitled "please call home" after a sweet, gentle song penned by greg allman
about the place that has meant so much to the band.
[i've done my best to strive for uncharacteristic brevity here,
so feel free to follow the many links to some really
very cool musical and historical stuff.]


Anonymous said...

I can remember when I first met you and you told me that your brother worked for the A.B.B. I was like, Yaah riiiight and my brother works for the Rolling stones. Then next thing I know I'm having dinner with one of the greatest song writers of all time. Thanks for the memorys man.

Anonymous said...

the real reason kim hasn't been keep the blog up

browsing drunk.

the mostly reverend said...

that's funny shit in that link,
a nonny mouse.

narcolepsy's a bitch, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

S.Fuller said...

Watched the two videos. Good stuff. I've listed to a bt of the ABB, but they weren't in my stable of "artists I normally listen to" Guess as I'm getting older, my tastes are changing a bit. Seems like I should pick some of their stuff up and start listening.

It's weird seeing Kim cleaned up and with a longer beard. ;)

Anonymous said...

Never knew your connection to one of the best live bands ever to set foot on stage, all anyone has to do is listen to Live at Fillmore East to realize that fact. Big fan of Duane Allman, no one could play slide guitar like he could.