Wednesday, January 10, 2007

lily munster NEVER looked like THIS!
. . . . .
no wonder herman never left the house for long, eh?
well, more sad news to report, tv fans:
yvonne decarlo, who played the wife of moses before she married up, to
become the wife of the driver of the coolest family car on tv between
1964 and 1966, has died.
. . . . .
now, the COOLEST car on tv at this time belonged to t.v. tommy ivo.
[you've gotta scroll down to the four-engine behemoth!
sometime ask me about seeing this car at the dragstrip.]
that kid was all over the place on television back in the day.
got a show at the beach? tv tommy was there.
got a show with a surf band? tv tommy was there.
dude had a face and a smile all the mothers loved.
and the things he could do to a normal looking car and two or four engines.
wild stuff.
i'm sitting here remembering the smell of nitro fueled funny cars and dragsters.
anyone remember big daddy don garlits?
i won't even include george barris,
the guy who designed and built the munster coach. he was such a sell-out.
the REAL deal was ed roth.
but big daddy was a bit too weird for television,
so the munster coach prevailed.
the more things stay the same, the weirder the strange becomes.

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the mostly reverend said...

and when you see dewey dickie later this season, remember that i asked you: "do you think dewey looks like tv tommy ivo?"