Monday, January 22, 2007

i feel like playing with clay

t te tes test testi testic testickles. STOP it, tes!
* * * * *
don't you just love children's literature?
what better way to tell your kids about something
[it's monday, and i'm feeling a bit, oh, i don't know, shitty, i guess.]
$ $ $ $ $
hey, donny, here's someone you might like to interview.
i haven't gotten around to asking her if she rides a bike,
but my guess is that she knows her way around a pole.
[please notice the kids playing in the background of this photo.]

1 comment:

DQ said...

I will probably pass on the interview, but I'm glad to see your granddaughter has an on-line presence.

I'm #14? on the Fixed Gear Gallery site. Glad to see you've joined in.