Sunday, January 28, 2007

my life

an update. . .
so it's 330 sunday morning, and boris is under the bed, whimpering.
i let the two of them out, thinking, okay, it's cold:
pee, and come right back in.
20 minutes later, they're STILL outside running and chasing each other like
hell's coming around the corner.
22 minutes later: -17C, -2F, and i just want to go back to sleep,
but the dogs are outside romping.
and who says it's a dog's life?

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the mostly reverend said...

30 minutes later, they finally come back in. their reward? a peanut-flavored dog biscuit, and the old man goes back to sleep. more wrestling today. h.s. dual thursday, isu/oklahoma friday, 10-team h.s. dual tournament yesterday, and isu/osu today. lots or really good matches.

and inside, odd-hours cycling.
it's a nice time to be very cold out.