Thursday, January 04, 2007

dj ted stevens techno remix

during yesterday's ride, the reverend and the princeton asshole were talking about american history, post-1920. PA learned it from books; the rev was there. among other dignitaries, we discussed alaska senator ted stevens, curiously, a republican. remember the $500,000,000 bridge to nowhere? yeah, THAT guy. turns out, he's an internet expert, too. i saw his speech on the senate floor, discussing his views on internet neutrality, wherein he describes exactly WHAT the internet is, and how it functions. this video puts his complex thoughts in a format more accessible to today's young people.
al gore has nothing on THIS guy!


Anonymous said...

Bikes and big Butts - no wonder you went over. Who could resist - No one!! I say. And, all those sharp things - I certainly understand that kind of pressure.

Anonymous said...

So, what kind of pay did you get for helping to build these "massive tubes"? You were there right? Good thing that guy is in charge of the internets right? I wonder if he knows us internets users make so much fun of his old ignorant ass?

Gots to run, I gotta get they hay in my barn.

Anonymous said...

I see Lou W is on the team too. Wonder if they used the same tactics on him. Or was he the real lure?