Tuesday, January 23, 2007


this is an actual exchange between me and my state representative, janet peterson, of house district 64. my initial email follows her reply.
the whole point of this is to encourage YOU to
contact YOUR state representative and
tell them how you feel.
for example.

Hi Kim,
You are a grandpa! Unbelievable!!!
Congratulations and thanks for your support of
the Stillbirth Registry legislation.
I am planning to vote for the $1 increase or whatever amount
we can pass this year. I think I was a teenager
the last time Iowa passed a cigarette tax increase.
I have two tobacco control bills I sponsored this year.
1) Smoke free workplaces – including restaurants and bars – statewide
2) Local control to enact stronger smoking ordinances.
I am interested in more protections for kids too,
but want to try to focus on the above three issues first.
I chair the Commerce Committee and it will be a miracle
if we can get the votes to pass a statewide ban this year.
I am planning to work the issue though.
If you know people who care about smoke free workplaces,
ask them to contact members of the House Commerce Committee.
I won’t run the bill unless it has the votes to pass.

Janet Petersen, State Representative (D) Dist. 64
4300 Beaver Hills Drive
Des Moines, IA 50310
Ph. 515-281-3221, Seat 1 or Direct 281-7321
Ph. 515-279-9063 (Home)

From: Eeastonwest@aol.com [mailto:Eeastonwest@aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 5:02 AM
To: Petersen, Janet [LEGIS]
Subject: [MAYBE SPAM] ban ALL public smoking--inside AND out

greetings, and welcome to another session.
thank GOODNESS the dems are in control.
for years i have suffered the outrageous antics,
positions and statements of that fool christopher rants--
is he from kentucky, or what?
PLEASE tighten the noose around the throats of cigarette smokers in iowa
==please make them pay, and move out of my way.
1--RAISE the tax per pack. $1.00? not enough.
why must i pay for illnesses caused by their fatal choices?
2--ban all outdoor cigarette [and other tobacco] smoking
within 100 feet of the entrance to ANY public building.
3--ban all indoor cigarette [and other tobacco smoking]
in all public buildings, including bars and restaurants.
i'd love to go see live music again.
and i can only assume there are many restaurants
that have opened in the past ten years that i might like,
if i could only go and not be made ill by other people's smoke.
4--make it illegal, punishable under the current laws [child endangerment]
to smoke cigarettes within 25 feet of any child
under the age of eighteen--ANYWHERE! in a car, in a home, camping, ANYWHERE!
why seatbelt them in if they are forced to inhale toxic fumes?
it's no worse than making them sit in a house or car
filled with smoke from crack cocaine, is it?
janet, you will NOT lose support among your constituents if
you introduce and support any or all of these measures.
and as a public defender since 1983,
i have seen countless child endangerment charges on factual bases
MUCH more lethal than exposure to cigarette smoke.
PLEASE introduce and enact REAL protective legislation for the public.
thanks. and by the way, congratulations on your efforts at childhood
AND the monitoring of fetal deaths.
my daughter has made me the proud grandfather
of a now 2 1/2 year old little girl, and another is on the way,
due in late july.
she has suffered through three late-first/early second trimester miscarriages,
but her experiences, and those of a friend whose fetus died
two weeks before its due date, served to underscore the need
for close study of the causes and prevention of such tragic events.
truly and sincerely i remain
kim west
1527 48th
des moines

--the mostly reverend grandpa kim
the orphanage, capitol city, iowa
when I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.
then I realized that the lord doesn't work that way,
so I stole one and asked for forgiveness. -emo philips, comedian (1956- )
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Dave said...

We agree on something! Ban smoking in all restaurants.

I sent Ms. Petersen an email several months ago about protecting cyclists. She never replied. I guess I am a second class citizen in DM.

the mostly reverend said...

perhaps shw never sat on your porch and talked politics with you.
i'll mention protecting our second class citizens next time we talk.

Anonymous said...


Aside from the mountains and cyclist galore, the smoke free bars and restaurants are one of my favorite parts of Colorado.

... but I still get honked at on my bike by the people in the big Americun trucks. You know the ones ... with the calvin peeing on the ford logo and the big #3 stickers. Makes me want to throw a water bottle at them for good measure.


Ronnie Reagan said...

Smoking should be baned by the federal government in all workplaces. period. Anything less is coersion by employers towards those that can't afford to quit their jobs.

And what is the difference between us paying for smokers illnesses and us paying for drinkers illnesses? Drinkers kill far more on the highways and cost us just as much if not more.

What a waste, money for lung cancer research. Spend it on better protective gear for coal miners and let the smokers die the moderatly quick death that lung cancer promises.

Well, there you go agian. I've noticed big defenders of smokers rights seem to be pot smokers who use cigarettes to cover up the odor.

the mostly reverend said...

hey, dead president--you don't know what patchouli oil is all about?

silly republican: cigs are for kids.

ronald wilson said "I've noticed big defenders of smokers rights seem to be pot smokers who use cigarettes to cover up the odor."

Mark Wyatt said...

I was just in Madison. They have smokefree workplaces. $500 fine for the smoker and $500 for the workplace.

The last time we stayed at the same B&B in Madison, we had to go to the bar downstairs and get the key. The smoke choked you when you hit the door.

This trip was just the same, minus the smoke. What a great bar to hang out in.

Hope to see you on Friday.