Tuesday, January 23, 2007

mr. & mrs. natural

you might recall that my first post in today's sermonette
featured a snappy little drawing
[remember when i was able to post illustrations and photos?
DAMN you, blogger!] featuring good old mr. natural.
that drawing was by my hero, r. crumb.
for years [about sixteen, to be almost exact] he has been living
[remember honeybunch kaminski? it was just a coincidence,
but it was also a very weird kismet], and not far away lives their
25 year-old daughter, sophie.
well, aline's second husband also lives in this estate, and, oddly enough,
my friends butch and melinda trucks have an estate nearby.
melinda loves aline's exercise classes [pilates, don't ya know],
and what melinda wants, butch buys.
have i told you about the time that melinda and i
went antique shopping in my 77 vw camper on a swelteringly hot july day?
i didn't? how about that.
anyway, r. crumb is one of the most talented artists around,
and the new york times recently carried a charming story about them,
and about the new graphic novel that aline has written,
and which is soon to be published.


gpickle said...

Congratulations Kim!

You have now achieved, by my scientific reckoning, one degree of seperation to R Crumb AND Lance Armstrong AND Dick Nixon!

You are legend!

the mostly reverend said...

please explain, g "clean ankles" pickle.