Tuesday, January 09, 2007

death of a cyclist's best friend
reading today's new york times led me to this sad news:
mr. noodle, unbeknownst to most college students, single parents, and
bike racers everywhere, is the one person who has always had
their best interests--economic and nutritional--in mind.
put some water on to boil as you read...
. . .
is this man crazy?
[read the related article if you have any doubts.]


Anonymous said...

I tip my Kikkoman to the East in salute to that guy! Too bad he didn't invent a way to remove the MSG from the broth packets. Keep pressure on Squirrel to do a Sunday for the Hilly Hundy, or blow off BRR for something with soul? Later, Greg Moore, Boone.

the mostly reverend said...

great point about brr! eh, squirrel? a sunday hundy?