Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2008 iowa cup

It’s a new year and the road racing season in Iowa begins in earnest in less than 60 days. CyclingUpdate.com is excited to announce the re-vamped CyclingUpdate.com Iowa Cup for 2008. The rules have changed, the races have changed, and the competition will be more exciting than ever. So, listen up!

First and foremost, the races for 2008:
Altoona Road Race (April 5)
Big Creek Road Race (April 6)

Iowa City Road Race (April 26)
Old Capitol Criterium (April 27)

Snake Alley Criterium (May 24)
Melon City Criterium (May 25)

Mason City Criterium (July 12)
Clear Lake Road Race (July 13)

--The first thing you’ll notice; there are fewer races. That’s true. However, the spread of races on the calendar still provide a season-long test of rider’s fitness and stamina. The races themselves focus our attention on some of the biggest weekends of racing here in Iowa. These weekends are always well attended and hotly contested, and the Iowa Cup just turns up the volume on some already intense weekends. The State Championship races have been removed from the Iowa Cup, not because they’re not great races, but because their importance is intrinsic. They stand for themselves.
--Also, the point structure has been changed slightly to remove the bonus for finishing first overall in an individual race. Winning is everyone’s goal, but this contest is about Iowans racing Iowans. Plus, we’re cyclists not mathematicians. This means that the point breakdown for each race will be:
1st Iowan - 10 points
2nd - 7 points
3rd - 5 points
4th - 4 points
5th - 3 points
--A new addition this year will be a Women’s-Category 4 competition. This will category will supplement the Women’s Open competition that has always been a part of the Iowa Cup. Womens’ cycling is growing here in Iowa, and it is the hope that this new category in the Iowa Cup will help those new to the sport enjoy the thrill of a season-long struggle to come out on top. The other categories for the Iowa Cup will remain the same as the previous two seasons, and so all categories will be:
Category 1/2
Women’s Open
Category 3
Category 4/5
Women’s Category 4
Masters 40+
Masters 50+
--The leader of the Category 1/2 competition will be awarded a ceremonial green jersey following the completion of each Iowa Cup race. It promises to be even more chic than the photo above.
--Good luck, everyone! [from cyclingupdate.com]


S.Fuller said...

I had no idea Joe Satriani was racing bicycles now. :)

the mostly reverend said...

cycling has become very popular among certain drug-abusing social circles.

bryan said...

Surfing With the Alien is so awesome.

Pete Basso said...

Kim, you may want to check with Fatka regarding your remark of "it promises to be more CHIC than the photo above", that may offend him.

Also, as a lawyer you may want to spell out a disclaimer explaining that your referring to a certain modern "style" rather than it meaning that your calling Lou "chic".

Anonymous said...

You obviously think that Kim is a competent attorney. His "lawyering" is kinda like his bike handling skills. :)

Relax-Kim you aren't that bad with your bike. ;)


the mostly reverend said...

the hotlink at the end of the post--the one that reads "from cyclingupdate.com"--would indicate to MOST readers that the article was taken VERBATIM [in your favorite cut-and-paste fashion] from cyclingupdate.com.

regular readers of my blog [and you are one] KNOW that i rarely use upper case letters, and if i do, then only for emphasis.

the reason for using the exact text, and then posting lou's photo to illustrate the non-chic jersey from 2007, was to make a little inside joke, to pimp lou.

obviously, you didn't get the joke. but lots of other people did.

by the way, pete, it would be worth your while to get to know michael fatka. he's not the whippin' boy you make him out to be. you could learn a lot about cycling, and more importantly about human relations, by doing so.

but you won't believe me there, either. too bad; your loss.

but thanks for reading, and thanks for posting.

Pete Basso said...

Kim, lighten up my two-wheeled family member. As you were making a joke, so to was I. I'm sure Michael Fatka is a great guy full of information. I'd love to meet him someday. I hold no ill will to him, I just thought it'd be funny to throw out some "bikeiowa" satire.

I did get the inside joke btw, it was pretty funny last year when Lou put the jersey on and it looked like a Britney Spears 1/2 shirt. I Lou even had a THO going on.

Anyway, funny stuff, looking forward to the IA Cup this year.

the mostly reverend said...

it's roid rage: i'm using this rehab period to totally load up with prohibited substances so i can come back in may and kick everybody's ass.

watch out! ;-))

i'd feel lots better if i knew that my cycling buddies were outside riding in this wonderful snow.

S.Fuller said...

Well over 6" here in Cedar Rapids right now and still falling. Wish I had brought the Monkey with me.

the mostly reverend said...

6" is nothing, man...go out and play in it.

how is your mom, by the way?

S.Fuller said...

Mom is doing well. 75 minutes for a new knee. Up and taking steps with a walker that afternoon. I would have been out riding had I brought a bike with me this week. :( Instead, I'm playing Squirrel and running a shovel. Upper body needed a workout anyway.