Wednesday, February 13, 2008

doubt shed on christ's credibility

"may god strike me if i'm not telling the truth."
well, i don't know WHO to believe now.
[click on photo to enlarge, to verify identity of liar]


Mathias said...

Upon closer look Jesus is actually shooting these lightning bolts!!

gpickle said...

Baseball is so fucking stupid. There is so much money in it even their scandals are stupid.

Just my opinon...

Pro cycling has less money and way better crybabies!

That's a fact...

Brett said...

I'd rather get spanked then zapped!

Used to love playing and watching baseball, basketball, & football, all bore me now. Prefer rugby and soccer as the matches are ALWAYS done in two hours. Oh, and bicycle racing of course.

Anonymous said...

The actual liar is the author of this blog, tell the truth Kim, for once in your life

bryan said...

Yeah, Rev. Do what the Anon says.

By the way, the correct answer is C.

Brett said...

Man stood up and then left hunting and gathering behind, possibly mistakes one and two. Three and four were massive mistakes, god and religion, not neccesarily in that order.

Bryan, I thought the correct answer was 42?

the mostly reverend said...

i really enjoy reading big-worded anonymous comments. i neither encourage nor discourage them, as i realize some folks just lack the spine, balls, or ova to speak their minds without some veil of privacy.

but here are my thought on your question about liars, my scarredy-catted poster:
although i post lots of thought-provoking things here, some humor-clad, and others draped in irony, when i state my opinion, everyone knows who says it.
i don't fear everyone, or anyone, knowing my identity.
so to the extent that most writers here have the courage of their convictions and of their comments, since you prefer to deceive or conceal the source of your thoughts, the real liar is you.

john said...

Geesh, Kim. We are only sharing ideas and words here - not bodily fluids or a meal or anything.
John Adamson
1705 park Drive
Cedar Falls, Iowa
I can't remember my Soc Sec.#
and we don't hardly answer the phone.
Good night Grampa

the mostly reverend said...

i'd share my last ride food with you, johnny. but i'd likely flip you shit for running out. ;-))