Saturday, February 09, 2008

to the editor: cable news credibility--
i have been troubled since the build-up to the invasion of iraq so many light-years ago by the spineless nature of the american media, by its unwillingness to stand up to the bush administration, and its general unwillingness to act in a manner befitting its role in a free society.
as the years have gone by, my disgust has devolved beyond anger and disbelief to a sense that nothing and no one is capable of stepping up and doing what needs to be done on behalf of thinking americans to call the government and other institutions [ie, corporate america, for starters] to task for their roles in the many crises that have beset our country since bush took office in january, 2001.
i have long since written off cnn as a beacon of impartial objective journalism, and had lately turned to msnbc, solely and exclusively because of my admiration of keith olbermann.
but this david schuster nonsense has me extremely concerned. so i went to the msnbc website to read what the network has to say about it, and all i found was mr. schuster's profile. nothing more; no notations, no nothing.
thankfully, i have always enjoyed and appreciated national public radio, and will now rely upon them exclusively, barring some sadly unforeseen reversal of the handling of this affair by msnbc.
keep me posted, will ya?
--the mostly reverend


Bruce Brown said...

Yes, it was in bad taste that DS used the word "pimping". There were a ton of articles about it (just Google it), and many included quotes from the MSNBC chief that put DS on suspension.

In terms of Bush misleading us up to the invasion of Iraq, just get back by giving the bird to any car you see with a W sticker on it. Or better yet, ram into the rear end of said car with an old pick-up truck that has a welded on bumper of some metal that is designed to do untold amounts of damage with whatever it encounters. I don't have such a pick-up, so the bird and my annoying comments to the owners of vehicles with W stickers on them when I confront them in the parking lot will have to do.

Ah, it's all in great fun to point out the errors of others. Anyone still proud enough to have voted for the Bushki and still display any indication they did vote for him or support him deserves a good tongue and finger lashing IMO.


Yup. I voted for Gore. I voted for Kerry. And I caucased for Obama.

mark hoback said...

Everybody needs to be their own journalist, but of course, nobody has the time. Language is a virus, as my boy Willie told us long ago, and unfortunately Rev, you and I spread it.

Brett said...
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Brett said...

Nothing wrong with spreading the word Mark, you and the Rev perform a service. The problem being, the public is too lazy to go beyond sound bites, headlines, & quick posts. I forget the percentage but most folks don't read above a 6th grade level, good example is anything written by John Grisham. Critical reading and in depth comprehension are getting to be past tense.

Z said...

Bruce - I smile and shake my head every time I see a car with a DubYa sticker on it. I simple see it as the equivalent of an "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt. The owner/driver just isn't smart enough to know. And some how, I find that amusing.

the mostly reverend said...

youse guys are my favorites.