Saturday, February 16, 2008

i've been saying it for years

grading and characterizing the quality of a coffee is not a simple task:
it is subjected to rigid scrutiny in the country of origin;
the importer/wholesaler/distributer further analyzes each bean.
it only takes one idiot somewhere in the chain to render undrinkable
an otherwise delightful, delectible "coffee" beverage once in the hands of the typical starbucks customer who has, over the years, developed an uncanny ability to just know a great tasting "coffee" beverage.
that's why THIS tidbit of news has me perplexed.
but mark your calendars: tuesday, february 26, 2008, from 530 to 830 pm will be the best and safest time in years to do two things:
1: buy a quality coffee beverage from a reputable local coffee shop; and
2: go to starbucks and NOT come away with a shitty "coffee" beverage.
but what does this say about the wisdom of going there NOW and getting a drink? and ask any barista [past or present] how much you can learn in three hours...
don't say i didn't warn you!!!

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