Monday, February 04, 2008

the slaughter continues...

whether in the states, australia, or now scotland, bicyclists continue to get mowed down:
"Jason MacIntyre, one of the United Kingdom’s top time trialists, was killed on a training ride near Fort William yesterday." [read more]
and the same, feeble "excuses" continue to be offered as legal defenses.
when will a prosecutor with a functioning spine take a stand in support of these dead bikemen?


Buckshot77 said...

Kim, not to detract from Jason's death, but we also lost a huge resource to the cycling community yesterday as well:

the mostly reverend said...

wow, that IS sad. i knew that he had m.s., and had read that he had not been well lately.
m.s. is such a devastating disease; an old girlfriend of mine has it, and has since 1990 or so. it does such a number on you, it just saps the youth right from you.

i had been a fan and regular visitor to sheldon's various sites for years. he was a unique one, who made invaluable contributions to cycling. i'll have to read more about him. thanks for tipping me to it.