Saturday, February 09, 2008

what the fuck is with this country?

who the hell ARE we?
do people really think that borrowing $168,000,000,000 [with a final cost of "nobody knows"] is going to do anything favorable for the long-term economic health of this country? are people really so god-damned gullible that they will accept and then spend "free" $300 to $1800+ stimulus thinking it will do anything beyond putting a little band-aid on an economic system that is so out of control that nobody really knows what the fuck to do about it?
and just what the hell is a conservative these days, anyway? i thought they were the suit and vested crowd who said "no" when junior asked for money. whatever happened to saving? what IS wrong with tax and spend? isn't that what responsible people are supposed to do: don't buy something you can't afford? didn't your mother ever ask you "are you sure you want to spend you money on that? can you really afford it?"
has everyone gone crazy?
"conservative republicans" have been acting like a meth addicts on a seven-year bender, spending, pawning, borrowing and stealing everything at their disposal, just to get their spending high satisfied, all in the name of security, while at the root of it all is just plain naked fucking greed. who has gotten rich? who has paid--and is going to continue to pay--for generations to come? sure as hell isn't the trust fund babies of the country, you can bank on that shit.
so when you get your free economic stimulus cash, go buy a bigger whatever, or a newer whatever, and, what the hell, put it on plastic.


Z said...

Well... Any self respectin' AmuriKKKan has already spent it. I can't wait for my "Bush Stimulus". In true Anti-AmuriKKKan style, we'll be dropping it back into savings. At least the kids might eventually get it. Oh yeah... In case you haven't figured it out yet, you'll be adding this "Stimulus" right back on to your 1040 when you file the 2008 taxes.

Brett said...

The stimulus is $170 billion with a US GNP of $13.13 ('06)trillion. That comes out to 1.2% of the GNP. Quite the joke on the US public using a AA battery to jump start the US economy. Z makes a good point about good citizens getting stuffed on the following year's taxes.

bryan said...

Does this mean I have to return my TT helmet? Because I really like it. It's all fast and stuff. I'm banking on it making up for not training this winter. Seemed easier than spending all that time on the bike.

the mostly reverend said...

well, it would seem taht you've found something to speed up your personal two-wheeled economy, so i say, yes, you may keep your tt helmet.

Bruce Brown said...

Don't forget, the misleading administration told us that the war in Iraq was only going to cost $50B, $80B tops. LOL! Now we might be there for 100 years!!!!!!

Cut taxes and spend. Or rather, charge it up on the Government credit card.


S.Fuller said...

It's gonna be an interesting shitter that we're swirling around in for the next few months.

the mostly reverend said...

few months? not with mccain: fifty to a hunnerd years, son. THAT'S long enough for mitt's GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN to honorably serve their country by driving around in a winnebago.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you aren't asking for more taxes to revive the economy?

If that is the case then the title of your thread is appropriate!


Brett said...

Korea, Japan, Germany, soe of the former Soviet states, et al haveing US bases in them.....Git rid of lots of that crap and we'd have more money and the world would be a better place. Nothing wrong with paying a little more on taxes to right the country and help out your fellow man.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage you to read some Milton Friedman.