Sunday, February 24, 2008

where are they now: the romney boys

turns out mitt is a rather strident CEO, and that even politics is a bottom-line endeavor. so when the stockholders of mittco demanded that its board of directors pull the plug on its failing hostile takeover bid on republico, you knew heads were going to roll. the only real question remaining was "whose heads?" perhaps the most surprising footnote to the entire failed campaign to "win" the presidency is the revelation that mitt romney actually despises four of his five "sons," and that only tagg ["the one with the best name," the former next president of the united states was fond of saying], the youngest of the five, still remains at mittco.

the other four [shown above are sons josh, matt and ben] were booted from the mittco board of directors, their collective golden parachute consisting of one slightly-used winnebago. not the 2007-2008 version, however, but the ragbrai-worthy one used by the "five sons" press corps--

the famous romney flip-flop bus.
shown below, eldest romney son zeppo romney pulls his shift panhandling for pocket change on the brigham young university campus.

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