Monday, February 11, 2008

fireplace friends

can you find--and name--them all?
i'm looking for nine names. post your replies in comments.
[found on a flickr account, would you believe?]


Rodney said...

-Brian Choi
-A young Kim West?
-Western Barbie (I hardly a "Barbie" anymore without Ralph's hangman's noose around her neck
-Is that GPickle on a milk carton? When did he go missing???
-Il Campionissimo
-O.M. Weinermobile Whistle

Not sure on the other milk carton or the other bobble-head...

Only thing missing is "Bowling-Ball's" silver helmet...

gpickle said...

I recuse myself, among other things...

Unless nobody can get them all, that is!

the mostly reverend said...

such honorable readers i have.

gpickle was missing and presumed all fucked up [his ponytail never DID re-surface] back in nineteen and ninety-aught-something or so. can't rightly remember, other than it was back in the last century, barely. oh, sure, i could LOOK, but what good is that? it's a contest we're talking about. let's stay focused here on identifying the items on the mantel.

by the way, there's a bonus point available, as i wasn't including the weinermobile, because, although i've long admired it from both near and afar, i was DENIED access to its inner recesses, despite my many and repeated efforts, summoning all my [at the time] considerable charm. now, i'd just have to tell the younger folks about how i used to drive it myself, or such. so the little weinercar is NOT one of the original nine, so look a little closer. the photo will get MUCH larger.


the mostly reverend said...

by the way, rod--good call on dixie. man, i loved that old dog. you guys did ragby together, didn't you?

Rodney said...

You bet we did Kim. ;)

Mistress Julie said...

Did Western Barbie take paparazzi photo lessons from Ms. Spears? Next thing you know, Western Barbie will be in the psych ward at the University of Iowa.

the mostly reverend said...

actually, the barbie pictured is western barbie's twin--whether "evil" or not is someone else's moral judgment--sister, "upskirt" barbie. these are the sort of subtleties required to name all the friends shown in the photo.

good looking, mistress, good looking mistress!

Tarik Saleh said...

Hey, I remember that very picture! I identify cowgirl barbie, I regret merely stealing her soul with photos, I should have moved on and stole her heart and body so she could sit on my mantle instead. Dammit. I loves you cowgirl barbie.

KB said...

I'll go with Cael Saunderson in the tunic. Keith B.

the mostly reverend said...

from left:
choi, doing his nails on ragby, the honorable ding "g.l." berry,
the previously discounted weinermobile,
cael sanderson,
the mostly fat-free reverend, circa 1987,
fausto coppi,
upskirt barbie,
g. cheerleader pickle, awaiting her pre-nutial bout with the feisty davida baxterina in the beer garden in pilot mound,
and all the way to the extreme right, an orphaned panda bear, sitting on the front porch of the orphanage upon my return from ragby, mid-90s, left by magpie, who was unprepared for motherhood at that point in her life.