Monday, February 18, 2008

no apologies: it's MY blog, doggone it!

my puppy, dmitri, will be one on february 28.
from reports of all of the various owners, he and his four brothers are the most laid-back dogs on the planet. we are scheming to get them together some time this summer, which will necessitate a trip to or through georgia--never a bad thing. these guys are all different, all similar, and all have the craziest damned ears. here they are, within the past few months.
custo--shaggy face, fuzzy body; custo has big old fuzzy ears.
dmitri--the shaggiest dog of the bunch, featuring a nice comb-over ear. i realized i don't have a recent photo showing him all shagged-out AND with his ear akimbo. take my word for it.
chips--fuzzy face, smooth body, curl-tipped ears.
cowboy--smooth body, smooth face, ross perot is missing his ears. reminds me of a song whose lyrics we re-wrote in sunday school: "god's got radar ears; he don't see, he hears."
chips, again--i love these fuzzy faces.
slick--he's probably the largest of the bunch. would look like a real tough guy, except for the blue squeak toy that he takes everywhere.

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