Sunday, February 17, 2008

click on "let levi ride"

then visit and read the site.
thanks. [like it will help...]


Z said...

But where is the no F'n way list? I mean... it's not like he was traded to Astana. He willing signed with this bunch.

Brett said...

I thought I’d be the only dissenting opinion about this but no. I also side with Z here as the doping crack down has been picking up steam for a few years. The dubious history of Astana deserved consideration prior to signing on the dotted line. I also question team High Road as they are basically T-Mobile and have egg on their face as well. There are more teams of course but tunnel vision from the TofCA tour tracker is soaking up my bandwidth.

the mostly reverend said...

sorry, levi--the voters of iowa have spoken:
you're fucked.

see ya at superweek!