Wednesday, February 06, 2008

those crazy rich peoples

but what young josh romney failed to show on this quick tour is the little sticker below, found on the rear bumper. it really makes you appreciate the sacrifices these five young heroes are making for their country. let's hope they spend some time trying to convince the old man to quit before they actually have to work for a living!

but i really feel sorry for this young woman; her mom could only afford to front HER campaign $5,000,000.00.

it must really suck to be poor.


Anonymous said...

I trust we shall see an approiate homage to Sheldon Brown from you
Do him proud

Looking forward to it

gpickle said...

I remember when Bill was leaving office and on NPR they were talking about his future and the family financial picture sounded pretty bleak, as in before Truman bleak. Apparently the legal fees to determine the definition of what "is" was were formidable and the family was strapped for cash like Monica to a St. Andrews Cross in the Oval Office closet. I guess between the lecture circuit and that amazing Senatorial health care plus student loans for Chelsea they got back on their feet. Either that or Obama is right and the Clintons get piles of cash in dump trucks from republicans.

As to a Sheldon Brown memorial from Kim I too would be anxious to see such a thing. Knowing that Kim does not work on bikes ("That's what poor people are for" he told me when I was just a wee orphan) I would be excited to see what impressions Sheldon made on my spirtiual leader.

Hairstyling maybe?

the mostly reverend said...

THAT'S why your wear your hair short, eh?

and you recognize the chicken-egg relationship between poor people and bike mechanics, right?