Monday, February 25, 2008

bike kollective work day

hey, folks!
things are coming together nicely at the new bike kollective space [downtown, on grand avenue between 6th and 7th avenues, next to boesen's]--so nicely, in fact, that we are able to announce our very first work day. what a great time to get into that volunteer spirit and all.
saturday, march 1st. i'll be there beginning at 900 am, and we'll be there until 400 pm, unless we finish sooner.
here's the agenda, so you can plan your attire and tool belt accessories accordingly:
1--remove carpet and whatever crap is beneath it;
2--haul out all the stuff that we don't want in the place;
3--remove stuff from floors and walls that shouldn't be there [nails, staples, screws, whatever];
4--clean the remaining floors, walls, windows and other surfaces; and
5--anything else that needs to be done, or is crying to be done.

NOTE: if you have favorite hammers, carpet-removing tools or implements, and other appropriate tools, bring 'em. this is--and will likely remain in the future--a pretty low-budget affair, so if you have some consumable cleaning supplies such as spic and span, mr. clean, simple green, windex, rags, newspaper for windows, or whatever; it would be totally cool to bring that stuff along. for the good of the order and all that.

it's probably a good idea to wear shoes with significant soles, bring gloves that you don't mind trashing, long sleeves and long pants, and maybe a particle mask, if you are the sensitive type.
we have a swell actual construction company which has volunteered actual professional workers to do the construction and installations [walls, electrical, and plumbing] so those skills won't be needed now. after the walls, wires and waste improvements are made, we will have another work day to build and install workbenches and other things.
the response to this thing so far has just blown me away. the des moines bike kollective has the potential to be a really very cool place.
as an added incentive, i will make every effort to have genuine great coffee from zanzibars for your caffeine needs and pleasures [until we run out]. i'm going to be there from 900 am to around noon or 100 pm, and carl vos will pull the afternoon shift. i don't know how long it will take to do what needs to be done, nor do i have any idea how many folks will show up.
play it by ear, be loose, be cool, oh, and somebody might want to bring music that doesn't suck.
see ya saturday morning!
by the way, just because we're located beneath a parking ramp [on grand avenue, between 6th and 7th street] doesn't mean you have to DRIVE your car there.
do the right thing: RIDE YOUR BIKE to this and all work days.
throw your tools and cleaning supplies in a bag, sling it over your shoulder, and pedal on down. let the neighbors, and the city, shake their heads, and think "there goes the neighborhood!"
let's start USING the city's bike racks, okay?
hell, it's iowa, it's winter, we ride bikes. how simple is that?
--the mostly reverend


Steve Fuller said...

I and some hand tools should be there.

the mostly reverend said...


Buckshot77 said...

Damn, figures the first workday would be when I'm committed elsewhere. My wife and I have a booth at the natural living expo-
at the fairgrounds this weekend so I'll be tied up the full day.


the mostly reverend said...

no problem, assured there will be more!
have fun at your xpo, and thanks for the link.