Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the bike kollective is asking for stuff

if you've been following this space, or on bikeiowa.org, and soon on bikeiowa.com, you know we've put the pitch out for help cleaning out our new space.
looking ahead, as i always do, we're gonna need tools and equipment, and as a shoestring operation, i'm looking for free good stuff, before we have to actually pay cash for it.
we have labor and supplies already volunteered for this saturday's clean-up [and you know you all are welcome to join in], and we have a local construction company [and i'll name them as soon as it's cool to do so] who is going to do the big stuff for us.
so now, i'm asking YOU, the local bikies who have lots of stuff laying around your house and shop that you've been thinking about upgrading.
right now, i'm thinking about bike workstands, like the one pictured above, or bench-mounted, or whatever. if you have one that is still good, but you want a newer, shinier one, give us your old one and we'll get you a receipt for your charitable behavior.
or if you're a bike shop, or you're just really nice and generous, give us a new one!
i guarantee that you'll have a sticker on the thing indicating that
'this stand was donated by your name here" or "in honor or in the memory of whomever."
if we can get three or four workable stands given to us, we can then get going on building the work benches and such [labor and materials have already been assured].
this place, and the generosity it is inspiring, is making me feel really good about the biking community here in des moines. we saw evidence of it last fall under tragic circumstances, and it's really heart-warming to see y'all stepping up again.
we're working with a number of local groups for kids and others, and more information about the des moines bike kollective will be here as it becomes releasable.
so go downstairs, or out in the garage, and take a look at that trusty old workstand, and ask yourself, "would i like to get a new one, and justify it by saying that i'm gonna help young kids learn to wrench on bikes AND help put folks on good, inexpensive recycled bikes who might not otherwise be able to?" wouldn't you like to really feel like you're helping put more bikes out on the streets of des moines?
thanks! --the mostly reverend

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