Friday, June 01, 2007

are we becoming too british?

in the midst of a period of productivity today,
i caught just a brief blurb on bbc news this afternoon.
apparently some british commentator and authority on
religious values in america
was concerned that, at the current rate of decline, within two generations,
america could be as messed-up, in terms of
lost religious values, morality, and whatnot, as britain.
citing as examples,
this british american morals authority declared that
the removal from public schools of plaques listing the ten commandments
and the sky-rocketing divorce rates would plunge american society into
an abyss of amorality not seen since sodom and gomorrah,
or at least since the hey-day of jim and tammy faye bakker.
above, the result of a google image search for "union jack."
. . .

above, the result of a google image search for "american flag."

[google says they're triplets]

well, i don't know exactly what the guy was getting at. perhaps if i'd listened to the entire story, he would have presented a sound, well-reasoned thesis. but check out this article about a what an apparently well-known animal activist did to draw attention to the failure of british authorities to prosecute prince philip and his hunting cronies for killing a fox earlier this year, after a national ban against fox hunting had taken effect. i think the british have it WAY over on us.


Mistress Julie said...

Well Reverend, I was a really fine, upstanding child when the ten commandments were on display in my school. The moment they removed them, I became a harlot. It's true! I don't know what happened and I think now I'm a hopeless cause.

And as for the guy eating the dog...Notice how much he ISN'T enjoying it. His stunt would have been better if he was eating it like it was a nice filet mignon and he hadn't eaten for a week.

I mean, if you are going to do something over the top, go WAYYYYY over the top. I should know. I've been doing stunts for 38 years. According to my calculations, that makes me an expert!

the mostly reverend said...

funny you should mention stunts:
recently i got my little 2 1/2 year old granddaughter a t-shirt that reads:
"i do my own stunts" --
she's gonna be a little mistress in her own right, someday, i betcha.
according to my calculations, you've been an expert for nearly two decades.

Jeff Bratz said...

I pledge allegiance to the the flag of...

Pete Basso said...

Kim, as I've said before, we aren't becoming too British, we are becoming too liberal!!!

Steve Fuller said...


Completely unrelated, I might have some interest in your sign you are getting rid of. Shoot me an email.

sfuller at sfuller dot net