Wednesday, June 13, 2007


in light of the continuing carnage on our state, county and local roads involving motorists and bicyclists of all stripes--recreational, commuting, sport, or whatever-- it is long past time to do something with TEETH.
state and local law enforcement agencies, along with county and city prosecutors, have repeatedly demonstrated a fundamental ignorance and indifference to the real dangers that daily threaten us--that kill and maim us--only to have the faces and voices of those who "protect and serve" make such statements as this:
"They were side by side, could have been single-file, which could have helped a little bit, maybe one of them could get away. They have a right to be on the road like everybody else. When you've got 4,000 or 6,000 pounds (of a vehicle), the odds are against you. This isn't the first time this has happened. I hope it's the last time, but I know it won't be," he said.

and sgt. mark casey is one of the few enlightened ones.
. . . . .
that's just plain fucked up.
. . . . .
need to make the number one priority of the next legislative session something like the following:

1--ANYone who operates a motor vehicle in the state of iowa, and who is involved in a collision with another motor vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian, which results in injury or death, SHALL be administered all tests for the determination of the presence of drugs or alcohol. there shall be no exceptions.

failure to comply shall be deemed by the department of transportation as a test refusal, and the operator of the motor vehicle shall lose his or her priveleges to operate a motor vehicle accordingly.

2--ANYone who operates a motor vehice in the state of iowa, and who is involved in a collision with a bicycle or pedestrian, which results in the death of a bicyclist, and who is convicted of or receives a deferred judgment to any criminal offense related thereto, SHALL be imprisoned for a minimum of three years, without any possibility of release until such time as the three years mandatory minimum has been served.
or something like that.

i'm just sick and tired of this institutional "laissez faire" bullshit.
. . . . .
i'm mad as hell,
and i'm not going to take it any more.


Anonymous said...


While I agree with your proposals, I think they might be a bit far reaching considering there is nothing on the books now.

How about just increasing the penalty for striking a pedestrian or bicylcist with a motor vehicle to a violation ABOVE a "failure to maintain control". Don't they give those out when you hit a deer?

While we think these people deserve jail time, and they do, the general public doesn't. baby steps.

the mostly reverend said...

couple of thoughts here:
1--when someone kills a deer [i know, OTHER than by automobile], they prosecute the hell out of them. christ, i think it would be a vast improvement if they'd treat cyclists EQUAL to deer.
2--if current laws were ENFORCED, folks would go to jail for killing a cyclist. but they're not.
3--history lesson: back in the late 60s, i was a yippie, someone who took absurdly "out there" positions backed by silly, ridiculous tactics.
this had the effect of stretching the bounds of discussion and the range of possibilities, so that the ultimate result was more in line with what i actually wanted in the first place.
such tactics make radical thoughts appear less radical, and more palatable.
the things i do...

Mistress Julie said...

What??? The general public really is OK with cyclists getting rammed by cars and killed? Well fuck me. I had no idea.

Seems the people (general public types) I talk to about this subject don't think it's OK.

Iowa is one jacked up place Kim. And I thought Utah was bad. Pfffft.

the mostly reverend said...

someone needs to get out here and crack the whip!

SD_pedalpower said...

Just wanted to let you know I caught wind of this as I subscribe to the BikeIowa email list. I've posted it on my blog. Have you contacted the League of American Bicycles for any help or advise? My prayers out there for sergey & collier. How about a blog that bike nerds can add posts, almost like a get well card type of thing?

the mostly reverend said...

get well card? already got it, sd!
check the rest of the posts.
it's somewhere on this place.
and thanks for reading and writing!