Saturday, June 16, 2007

a round-up of thoughts and comments

hard work
1--it often isn't readily recognized;
2--it usually isn't appreciated;
3--it can get you killed or seriously injured;
4--it can be richly personally rewarding;
5--99 times out of 100, it doesn't pay shit;
6--it usually goes hand-in-hand with common sense;
7--it often is confused with dumb luck. . .
8--. . . or talent;
9--it is easily neglected once the first fruit are harvested; and
10--it can be a perennial, instead of an annual.
. . . . .
other thoughts:
--when folks are in an intensive care unit,
they often are most at risk to highly opportunistic germs
which are seemingly harmless to their healthy host.
please be prudent when visiting at-risk friends.
--a snake oil salesman in a politician's clothing
is still selling snake oil.
--you know that, for me, it is prime cycling weather when
it's nothing but skinsuits in the workout laundry basket.
. . . . .
please feel free to join me on the grand avenue hill tomorrow.
and join me watching the big boys and girls compete in the afternoon.
these ARE the world's best in their sport,
regardless of how suspect their bike handling skills may be.


Jeff Bratz said...

As a triathlete that was out on the course today, I can say for all of us emphatically THANK YOU to you and all the boys and girls that were on the "hill" cheering us on it was simply amazing! Kim your attempt at pulling off Le Tour's version of El Diablo was inspiring, fear invoking(because I never really want to see a devil when my HR is beyond beating and is merely quivering), and dare I say again-simpy amazing.

As a tri'athlism(your word from several years ago) I always admire you roadies. I bring my kids out to the local races to cheer you on...however; today I am now motivated to get more of my fellow tri'athlism's out to join me in encouraging the ay9'ers and cyclists in general.

You guys were awesome! Please pass this on to your fellow cyclists that were on the hill-if you guys aren't careful you may wind up seeing more aero bars on the TNWC-that should scare even the bravest of roadies.

Be safe, and know that we are with you in praying and thinking of Collier.

Jeff Bratz

the mostly reverend said...

jeff, i'm amazed you remembered "triathlisms"--i guess i called them "triathloners" today, too.
good job, glad to have been of help--it's what we do!
read your blog race review. be thankful you just got penalized. MANY folks got the DQ because they paid attention to the course official on the run. even I heard him giving wrong or misleading information on the run.

bad deal, but to those who DID get dq'd, remember this: you ARE supposed to know the route.
anyway, congrats. hard work DOES pay off. we'll see you on tuesday nights, i suppose!
rest well!

Jeff Bratz said...

I am going to do a piece tomorrow on El Diablo, A9y's, and the passion of cyclists...if I have time between case work and client appointments.