Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it's time to do something

i'm actually looking forward to my ride
to the funeral of david "judd" harris.
this has been a terribly hectic week, or two.
with friends getting run over and nearly killed,
one cyclist getting run off the road, knocked out,
and left for dead by a "buzz and run"
while another cyclist is run over and killed,
not one single charge has been filed.
the ONLY response from the collective consciousness
of iowa law enforcement
has been a cold, smug, corporate reply touting
the state patrol's affiliation with ragbrai.
ragbrai, for christ's sake.
they just don't get it.
this phrase has been employed to refer to george w for countless reasons,
any number of u.s. senators and others
who grope and otherwise offend women,
and many many others over the years.
but the topic is the slaughter of you and me, our friends, family members,
people who are doing nothing other than riding bikes.
i know there are many people who read this blog
[thanks to you all, by the way]
who read the des moines register.
why haven't you written letters?
why hasn't the des moines register taken
an official position on the deaths and torment of bicyclists?
why isn't the letters pages--not that insipid online comment shit--
FILLED with outrage and stories of abuse and neglect
aimed at cyclists and commited by motorists
and complacent law enforcement officials?
we've bitched ad nauseum on bikeiowa and elsewhere.
that's not enough.
tell your stories of being nearly killed,
and of trying to get law enforcement to do ANYthing.
dave? d corn? do i need to list you all?
and why hasn't the register itself championed this issue?
my gut feeling is that the gannett company doesn't see this as a sufficiently attractive issue.
so what about cityview?
aren't THEY always hurting for REAL topics?
why don't you flood THEM with letters?
THEY'LL cover it.
especially if you tell them that you went to them
because the register won't touch it.
it's time to stop bitching,
and to start DOING something.
call and send letters to the county attorney.
polk county attorney--criminal bureau
206 6th avenue, #200
des moines, iowa 50309
dallas county attorney
207 n. 9th street, #a
adel, iowa 50003
the des moines register
letters to the editor
p.o. box 957
des moines, iowa 50306
now write the damned letters.


Pete Basso said...

Kim, you're a smart guy, (most of the time), but when you take a serious topic such as the attempted murder of our mutual friends and cycling family members and add your hypocritical comments regarding GW you truly loose the seriousness of your intent. Stay on topic councillor or I'll motion to dismiss. Out...

Good luck on your ride to Atlantic. Like it or not, Myself and others will be saying a prayer for your saftey.

Anonymous said...

Political tilt or not, I think Kim's message is very clear. Write a letter and demand answers and enforcement of our rights. Just write the letters.

the mostly reverend said...

thank you, anonymous.
THAT'S where my politics lie.
pray, that's fine, but write a letter, too.
THAT i would appreciate!

Anonymous said...

Atlantic man dies in car-bicycle accident

David Eugene "Judd" Harris
Judd Harris, longtime resident of Cass County, age 39, passed away Sunday, June 17, 2007, in Atlantic, Iowa as a result of an accident.
Judd graduated with the Cumberland-Massena Class of 1987. He enjoyed the YMCA and loved riding his bicycle. Judd will be greatly missed by his family and friends.
He is survived by a special friend Jacqueline Elings of Atlantic; three brothers William K. Harris and wife Marianna of Henderson, NE, Steve R. Harris and wife Gail of Dennison, IA and Kirk Hall of Atlantic; four sisters Victoria Ryan of Springfield, MO, Terri Henderson of New York, NY, Angela McCuddin and husband Jeff of Fairmont, MN and Janet Larsen of Atlantic; five aunts, Jean Miller of Atlantic, Sharon Goff of Washington, Rosemary Murphy of Florida, Mary Lou Smith of Anita and Karen Casey; four uncles David Goff of Texas, Robert Goff and Charles Goff both of Washington, and Kenneth Nielsen; his step-mother Barbara Jean (White) Harris of Atlantic and numerous cousins and family.
Judd is preceded in death by his mother Barbara Ann (Goff) Harris in 1978; his dad Eugene (Gene) Harris in 2003; his biological mother Betty Jean (Nielsen) Bruner in 2003; seven uncles Lloyd, Darrell, Larry, Ted and Bill Harris, Sherman and Eldon Goff; and four aunts Lois Cooley, Arthadel Peter-son, Nancy Jane Goff and Elizabeth Steen.
June 17, 2007
at the age of
39 years 4 months 20 days
Friday, June 22, 2007
1:30 in the afternoon
Roland Funeral Home ~ Atlantic, Iowa
CG Lindeman Lyman, Iowa
"Friends Are Friends Forever" - Michael W. Smith
"Open Arms" - Journey "Blinded by Science" - Foreigner
Joe White Matt White Kyle Schlotzhauer Eric Ostrander Adam Ihnken Brandon McCuddin
Atlantic Cemetery Atlantic, Iowa
David's family invites friends to join them for a luncheon at the Family Table Restaurant following the service.
Cass Inc.