Wednesday, June 27, 2007


no, this is not a review of the latest michael moore documentary
on the american health care system.
instead, it is another condemnation of this twisted sister.
i don't know WHAT she has against john edwards,
but she has it for him bad.
[first a comment on ann herself. when searching for a photo, i'll just google the subject,
and take the first one that pops up. almost always, and i try to maintain consistency.
but with ann, the first SEVERAL are all photoshopped and pornographic in nature.
badly. clever, but badly done. plus, it wouldn't be fair to the true nature of this post.
her latest salvo involves how she'd like him to die.
previously, she called him a fag.
now, she wants him to die as a result of a terrorist assassination.
and she tried to get into a pissing contest with edwards's wife,
elizabeth, claiming she [ann] doesn't need to take advice from her.
well, read this, and perhaps you'll agree that she needs to
take advice from someone other than who she's currently using.
that chick is sick.
by the way, please note the delicate little cross on a chain around her neck
in the linked news story. tres christian.


the inebriationist said...
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the inebriationist said...

Clearly she is selling herself with controversy. Like...well, pick your celebrity; anything to be a household name. What's unfortunate is that anyone would listen. If her message was logical she wouldn't sell book one. They would be a drop in an ocean of political study. However, the truly evil part is that she is making millions influencing weak-minded corruptible people, making them ignorant and dangerous.

Dave said...

She made the same statement that Phil Maher said about Cheney. Is it ok for one to make these comments and not the other? Could they both be wrong in what was said?

Pete Basso said...

Dave said exactly what I was going to mention Kim, yet I missed your post condemming Bill Mahr's remarks. As usual, everything is double speak with you. (I don't like or condone what Coulter said either.)

BTW, for a guy who says he doesn't believe in God you sure have a weird fascination for Him. If God is supposedly ficticious why do you spend so much time pointing out the negatives which relate to Him? If he doesn't exist then isn't that a waste of your time? What church are you a Reverend at? Must be the same one Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton preach at.

Signed Anonymous?

the inebriationist said...

Yeah, Bill Maher's a bastard too if his comments were on the same level.

On another note:

Read the Biblical Apocrypha (books left out of the Bible). Anything so heavily edited, translated and interpreted cannot be taken as literal truth. It is not even suitable as moral guideline; read Leviticus front to back. Not much logic is needed to recognize the heavy doubt. Especially when looking at the evolution of religion throughout history. This is not to say there is no God or at least something beyond our comprehension. This is something that science is making more clear everyday. Not that science is at odds with religion, but that it is revealing the true complexity of the universe and how much we don't know. Expressing doubt is part of any spiritual path. Besides, who gets to criticize? And who decides?

Anonymous said...


You shouldn't end sentences with a preposition.

Pete Basso said...

Ineb - read "Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel sometime. I'm not disagreeing with you but I seem to understand what the Bible says in a different way then you do. I think this book will help you understand it more. Science is proving more and more everyday that the Bible and Jesus have strong evidence supporting their existence. The only "science" that is proving it the other way is the crap that hollyweird is trying to perpetuate.

For Garrett, stick to drawing and art.

the mostly reverend said...

pete, you said "Science is proving more and more everyday that the Bible and Jesus have strong evidence supporting their existence."

i'd like to see some REAL, scientific proof of this, pete. just exactly WHAT has your science uncovered supporting the existence of the bible and jesus.
i HAVE a couple bibles, so i know they exist. but it's that jesus thing that troubles me.

scientific evidence, please?
some actual PROOF, please?
not faith, just proof.

i'll wait.

Anonymous said...

She didn not even say it! She said She guessed that she should just say what Bill M. said from now on! Why are all the liberals afraid to tell the whole story and post the actual comment in full? The networks and times do the smae thing... Truth will always win unless you can just tell the part you want to tell!

Ted said...

What's sick is you trying to come across as intelligent while claiming Ann Coulter wished a terrorist death on Edwards. Whether dissembling or just misinformed - you're wrong.

(But you don't care - because feeling count more than facts.)

the mostly reverend said...

talking to ME about intelligent?
have i done a post about irony lately?
i said this: "her latest salvo involves how she'd like him to die."
you are free to interpret those benign words however you will, as you did.
but she said what she said,
and she is a sick bitch.
both of those are true,
and that's a fact.
i can feel it.

thanks for reading.