Thursday, June 14, 2007

news of the weird

bicyclist assualted and tasered because . . .
he was riding his bicycle.
this is some messed-up stuff, folks.
he was attempting to ride his bicycle from the minneapolis airport
--he had just arrived on a flight to visit his granddaughter--
when he was stopped by airport police.
read the rest of his story here.
now, i have no problem with cops in general,
but i DO have some serious issues with the abuse of police discretion.
this is just another example of "why."
need another example?
read this, and watch the video, too.
driver speeds, crosses center line, kills cyclist,
no charges, and prosecutor refuses to indict.
it's texas, but it could be iowa.
[thanks, bro, for the tip]

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

I hate stories like that...

no ticket
leads to no guilt
which means
no changed behavior

nothing will bring that person back to life

that does not mean that this person should not suffer some sort of penalty
had it been a fender bender
he would be paying for some car repairs

somehow the bicycle is low in this country's caste system