Wednesday, June 13, 2007

post your get well wishes and other thoughts here

[this is a re-enactment--this is neither collier nor sergey.
it is just some old guy in a hospital bed.]
a reader suggested that i create a place
where folks can post their thoughts and well-wishes
for collier and sergey.
. . . . .
hell, THAT was EASY!
. . . . .
post your thoughts, comments, and well-wishes
to collier, sergey, and their families,
in the comments section directly below this post.
i'll make certain that they're all aware of it.
and, as always, thanks for reading.
and thanks for the great idea.


Anonymous said...

Collier and Sergey,

I wish you and your families the best during this difficult time.

I will continue to keep you guys in my thoughts.


Squirrel said...

Collier, Sergey, Family & Friends...

I did not know Sergey, and have met Collier a handful of times at the shop (Rasmussens). You all are in my thoughts during this time of tragedy.


iccyclist said...

I wish both of you a speedy recovery. You will be in my prayers.

Dave Mable said...

The entire two wheeled world is pulling for you two and praying for your full and speedy recovery. We will all look forward to being humiliated at future Hy-Vee's by both of your speed and power!
If your recovery is anything like how you ride a bicycle - it will be fast! You both are strong - and that strength will carry you through this.

Peace - Dave

ExtrmTao said...

Godspeed in healing fast and getting back to the things you both love.


jason said...

my best to my velo brothers. there are a LOT of cycle folks keeping you in their thoughts. here's to a speedy recovery. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Collier, Sergey & Families;

You are all surrounded by a great group of folks who care deeply about you & your speedy recovery! Many of us are thinking of you.

Our thoughts are with you as you fight to 'get back in the saddle'.

Best - Jed

SD_pedalpower said...

Collier and Sergey,

Myself and the Falls Area Bicylists wish you a speedy recovery.

-Sioux Falls, SD

bwo said...

sergey and collier

peace and prayers as you recover...blessings to you both, the doctors and nurses, and your families!

brent osborne

3p0 said...

heal up soon guys,

down time due to injuries sucks,

we'll keep you in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you guys and your families. I didn't know you two but I'm also a cyclist so I can relate.

Jeff Mertz said...

Collier and Surgey,

Our prayers are with you and your families during this very difficult time. I look forward to trying to keep up with you guys, and failing, soon!

JacobN said...

Collier, Sergey, and families,

I have never met either of you, yet your tragedy touches close to home. Here's my family wishing you a quick recovery.

Jacob Naumann

cyclingdave said...

recover well. although we've never met you will be in my thoughts.

Joe Partridge said...

I don't know you guys, but as Squirrel says, when one of us goes down, we all feel the pain.

Get well soon,


gwadzilla said...

but solidarity first

get well soon

take care of yourself

and to all
careful out there
no one is looking out for you
but you
even that car with the roof rack is looking to run your ass down

Anonymous said...

speedy recovery, hope you are back in the saddle soon

VeloCC said...

Collier, Sergey, Family, Friends:

I read about your accident on Squirrels blog and I am very shocked!
Be sure that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
May your recovery be speedy and as painless as possible!
See you back out on the bike there soon:))

Mike Howard said...

Thanks to Squirrel I was able to read about your accident ! Get well soon guys,your in my familys prayers for a full speedy recovery !