Monday, June 11, 2007

the devil, the triathlete, and YOU!

the bg hy-vee world cup triathlon
is being staged in des moines this weekend

it's big bucks--$200,000 and a hummer
to the men's and women's winners...
$700,000 total purse.
. . . . .
lordy! saturday's green days criterium in johnston
is for lottery "gift certificates," by the way.

the amateur triathlon bike course leaves gray's lake north on fleur drive,
and heads west on grand avenue to--surprise-
-jordan creek whatever they call it,
and returns UP the grand avenue hill between 63d and 56th streets.

the devil cordially invites you to join him and his helpers for a little immoral support for these lost souls as they fly up this hill, after 22 miles of cycling.

it'll be fun!

times are approximate, but competitors should be rolling west down the hill beginning sometime after 645 am sunday morning. an unholy hour, to be certain. but giving all of them the benefit of a doubt, the first riders should be heading back east UP the hill around 730 or so.

i'll be there. will you?

it might get thirsty, so plan accordingly!

later in the day, the devil will be somewhere on the elite bike course. details will be made known on the grand avenue hill sunday morning.

i hope this answers this letter from "F.G." of des moines, who wrote: "dear the mostly reverend, i was going to ask you when you were in last week if the devil was going to be out on grand this sunday for the hy-vee tri? [i heard that you know how to contact the devil] i could only think by that point in the race a cold beer would be in order. --f.g."


Anonymous said...

Like most weekends, i'll be trying to get a hummer. I'll look forward to seeing the Devil (while i'm giving it hell) on Sunday.

the mostly reverend said...

bless you, my son.
by the way, if in my opinion you are out of contention, i'll ask you to stop.

Anonymous said...

it dose answer my question i'll see you sun.