Thursday, June 21, 2007

HEY! i'm not just doing this for my health, you know?

i want you folks to leave information in the comments section
AFTER you have sent an actual PAPER letter to a media outlet.
this way, we all know who has been lettered, and how often.
public accountability, and all.
i want to be RELENTLESS on this, folks,
and i am expecting and counting on your help.
and so are collier and sergey and david harris and everyone else
who ever has or hopes safely to ride a bike in iowa again.


Jeff Bratz said...

What about a coordinated effort i.e. a formal letter with a petition/attachment?


Anonymous said...

I just read where Oregon is close to enacting a new law to protect vulnerable users of the road. Here are the specifics:"The bill provides that when careless driving results in injury or death of a vulnerable user, which includes cyclists, pedestrians, highway workers, horse riders, skateboarders and roller skaters, the driver would face a one-year license suspension and a maximum $12,500 fine. These penalties would not be imposed if the driver completes a traffic safety course and between 100 and 200 hours of community service." Use this info when sending in letters. It still doesn't go far enough in my book, but it's a start and holds the drivers reponsible for thier actions or inactions on the road.

Link to story :

the mostly reverend said...

1--jeff, whatever gets done gets done. i just want folks to DO something.
2--i would not even MENTION the community service option. i'd like 30 days mandatory minimum for death [it's a bit more serious than an owi, after all].
but i just want folks to get off their collective asses and DO something.

and to you two, thanks for reading and writing!

Rodrigo said...

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the mostly reverend said...

hey, rodrigo!
this is the united states, dude.
if you intend to spam and hack your way into my blog just to sell some stupid t-shirts,
the LEAST you could do is
do it in ENGLISH!
some of my readers won't understand what you're doing, and they're likely to think . . .
well, who knows WHAT the hell they're likely to think?
and getting them to think is MY job!
STOP DOING MY JOB! [see? nafta has lost ANOTHER american job!]